>Weed Knock Crawdads from Highhorse

>Crawdads were cruising on a 5 game winning streak with their best start in NABCL history. They went into Wichita with a little too much confidence and got smacked 11-4. Terrence Buchanan (11.14) got shelled and may lose his spot in the starting rotation.

The diffence with the Crawdads is that Felipe Tarasco (.321, 6, 21) is no longer the only long ball threat. He has been eclipsed by rookie Gary Quinn (.289, 8, 19) who struggled early in the season keeping his aveage above .100. Patience has paid off for the Crawdads and he is now on fire. The other long ball threats are Wayne Ryan (333,6,10) and Edgar Lecuona (.333, 4, 12).

Grover Grimsly makes a nice table setter (.286, 2, 6, with 16 runs scored and 16 for 16 in stolen bases) and Felipe Tarasco has also not been caught stealing in 7 attempts. The Crawdads hope that Freddy Kwon (.183, 2, 6) can break out of his slump. He has not gotten a hit in his last 18 at bats, striking out 9 times. His defense justifies his presence in the lineup, but the Crawdads would like to see a little more offense from him. He is more than capable.

With an offense behind him Livan Flores (3-0, 2.72) does not have to be so fine in his pitching. He has been getting help from 22 year old rookie Albert Nunez (2-3, 4.80), who was shelled in his first two starts, but has now pitched well and Horacio Lugo (3-1, 3.81). Socks Bryant (2-1, 4.15, 9 saves) has been steady in the bullpen, though when he blows a save he doesn’t mess around and really blows a save.

The Crawdads have plenty of salary room and a number of prospects in the minors that are blocked by other postion players. As the season progresses, we will have no problem eating salary, but it will have to be for a player that is useful, not some team’s 35 year old reject.

Couldn’t really figure out how to create the links to the players in this blog. When I hit ctrl P it ended up publishing. Hitting ctrl C didn’t really seem to copy anything, so I’ll have to figure it out some other time.


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