>Salty Dog’s Mid Year Pitching Grades

>Seattle – As promised today we’ll review and hand out grades of the Salty Dog pitching staff. This year the bullpen has been solid, but the rotation has been the downfall. Without further adieu here we go…
The Rotation
Tony Johnson – Incomplete – Returned before the break to make 2 starts and was absolutely brilliant. He can’t be expected to pitch this well all year (14 IP/2-0 record/0.64 ERA/0.106 OAV/0.50 WHIP/10.9 K’s per 9ip/1.29 BB per 9 ) Still his return has the ‘Dogs dreaming of ending up at .500.

Terrence RobertsB+ – T-Rob has pitched well, having his best year yet (105 IP/5-2/3.86 ERA/0.233 OAV/1.25 WHIP/5.66 K’s/3.69 BB’s). Could still improve his BB/9 rate and would become an elite pitcher. Still he’s been the best SP in the first half for the Dogs.

Michael LeeC – Is having his worst season statistically (100 IP/6-6/4.50 ERA/0.290 OAV/1.42 WHIP/5.49 K’s/2.25 BB’s) of his career as his OAV is much higher then his career average. Also spent some time on the DL for the 1st time in his professional career. He probably could have avoided it, but management decided to be cautious and let him rest his groin!

Edgardo PlataC- – This veteran righty was acquired via trade from Memphis earlier in the season. He pitched quite well for Memphis, but as soon as he arrived in Seattle the wheels fell off (45 IP/2-5/6.80 ERA/0.292 OAV/1.62 WHIP/9 K’s per 9/3.80 BB’s). There is some hope, as his K rate is still high, but apparently he hasn’t clicked yet with new catcher Paul Yoshii. He is in his free agent year so expect a bounce back in the 2nd half.

Victor SilvaD – Silva is easily having the worst year of his 5 year career (117 IP/3-12/5.52 ERA/0.274 OAV/1.44 WHIP/6.37 K-9/2.99 BB-9). Still he keeps taking the ball and has pitched the most innings on the team. Hopefully he can turn things around in order to bounce back for next year.

Next up the bullpen

Marino RiosC – Gets a higher grade then numbers might suggest (48.2 IP/1-2/4.44 ERA/0.277 OAV/1.44 WHIP/4.81 K-9/3.33 BB-9) due to the fact that not much was expected. More then likely he will be heading back to AAA when either Kevin Martin comes up to stay or someone comes off the DL.

Eric DingmanINCOMPLETE – He was acquired right before the break from Scranton. However, he gets an A for the #’s he put up with them ( 34.1 IP/4-1/ 5 of 5 SVs/2.88 ERA/ .214OAV/ .93 WHIP). He will start out as a setup man but could easily be the closer by the end of the year.

Alex IshidaB- – Acquired in the offseason, he has helped improve the bullpen, but still gives up too many HR’s. For his price he has pitched quite well (57.1 IP/2-2/3.77 ERA/0.220 OAV/1.12 WHIP/6.91 K-9/2.67 BB-9).

Brad SpiveyA– – This rookie righthander was acquired a few seasons back in the Vitas Hogan trade with LA. He has been a dominant force at times, despite being roughed up lately. Still his #’s (36.1 IP/ 2-1/3.72 ERA/0.213 OAV/0.99 WHIP/6.69 K-9/1.73 BB-9) are quite good for a rookie, and if he had been the closer getting Save opportunities would likely have made the All Star team.

Victor MaradonaC- -Started out as the closer and quickly lost that spot. Is more suited for the setup role as his past history shows.

Nicholas CunninghamA – This Lefty was forgotten about to start the year, but with injuries was called back up. Has made the most of the latest opportunity, which is a good thing too since he’s out of options. Has been dominant in limited action since his recall (17 IP/0-1/1.59 ERA/0.153 OAV/0.71 WHIP/4.24 K-9/1.59 BB-9). The question is has he turned the corner at age 26 or will he simply turn back into a pumpkin?

Sergei FischerA- – Became the closer by default, but has done a good job, saving 9 of 10 opportunities. Has a propensity to give up more homers then you’d like out of your closer but still has been nothing short of excellent so far (52 IP/3-1/3.46 ERA/0.213 OAV/1.00 WHIP/ 7.27 K-9/2.08 BB-9).

Harry MorenoC – Currently on the DL, he has pitched right around his career avg’s. Is in his walk year and probably won’t be resigned unless he takes a big pay cut as his #’s (95.2 IP/4-6/5.64 ERA/0.267 OAV/1.49 WHIP/8.18 K-9/4.14 BB-9) don’t warrant the contract.

A.J. GonzalesIncomplete – Also currently on the DL, he didn’t get to make but 6 starts before landing on the DL with a ligament tear in his shoulder. Is eligible to come off the DL soon, but not much is expected.

Kevin MartinIncomplete – Due to injuries he was called up to make 3 starts for the big club. He definitely impressed while he was up, although in fairness 2 of his 3 starts were against the woeful Weed. I thought it was important to note since he will be up again later in the year, and for good, when the rosters expand.


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