>Blue Light Special

>Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin
Salty Dogs
Age: 21 B/T: R/R
Born: Waldoboro, ME
Position(s): P (SP5)
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(KMart) was recalled to the Major Leagues before the 3 game set with Sacramento, and was quickly penciled in to start game 2 of the series against fellow rookie Randy Dellucci . After being beaten handily (9-3) in the first game of the set, Seattle was just hoping for a quality start from their rookie righthander. KMart was up to make 3 starts earlier in the season when injuries forced him in. Management was quite cautious with him and moved him around so that he was able to make 2 of his 3 starts vs the Weed in an attempt to ease him into the big leagues. They also let it be known from the outset that he would be returning to AAA once the injuries healed. Well after going back to AAA and continuing to impress as well as an ineffective starting rotation, Seattle could no longer hold him down and decided to loosen the leash a bit and put him into the rotation. He certainly impressed vs the defending World Champion Terrible Two’s, allowing only 2 hits, 1 run(a HR to perennial MVP Otis Pavlov ), 7K’s and 3 BBs over 8 innings to give Seattle a 2-1 win, and narrowly beat fellow rookie Dellucci. Dellucci only allowed 2 runs (both solo shots) and pitched quite well over 8 innigs.
Seattle management thinks that this late season experience will pay huge dividends as they already have an eye towards next year. They are hoping a full season of KMart and a full healthy season from TJ (Tony Johnson) will enable them to make more of a push towards the playoffs.

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  1. save_mr_x says:

    >i have said it for a long time now…you’re right on the verge of taking the next step…you will make a huge leap next year into the playoffs…

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