1. Sacramento Terrible Two’s (NL / 70-38 / Last Ranking #1)

No brainer here – best record in the league and they show no signs of slowing down. Some critics say they won’t repeat, but I wouldn’t bet against them

2. Chicago Beast (NL / 67-41 / Last Ranking #4)

Some strong series against Top 10 teams had Chicago climb up 2 spots to #2. They have an upcoming 4 game series at Wrigley with visiting Sacramento in a couple days – possible NL championship series preview???

3. Memphis Maniax (NL / 67-41 / Last Ranking #3)

Phil Rubel is an absolute BEAST!!! (Sorry Chicago fans)

4. New Britain Block Heads (AL / 61-47 / Last Ranking #5)

They recently took 2 out of 3 from streaking Norfolk. Can they keep up the pace in a very tight AL playoff race? Also, if Rubel is a beast, Craig Hooper is a God – what a pickup this season by New Britain!

5. Norfolk Loyalists (AL / 61-47 / Last Ranking #7)

They have scored more runs than any team in the entire NABCL. The pitching has been questionable. The key here is how trade deadline acquisitions Mark Nakano and Hugh Bradford shore up the rotation. One thing is for sure – they’ll be more effective than their predecessors.

6. Trenton Thrashers (NL / 68-40 / Last Ranking #6)

Bashings from Chicago have us wondering if Trenton is a legit contender or not, but an 18-3 division record almost seals their playoff spot without anything else. Fans better hope they can solve Chicago’s lineup if they draw the Beast in the playoffs…

7. Los Angeles Robins (AL / 63-45 / Last Ranking #9)

Still pitching very well, but they are 2-5 against Norfolk, which could hurt them come playoff time…

8. Jacksonville Jackals (AL / 61-47 / Last Ranking #UNRANKED)

Ray Riley has his team peaking at the right time – but can they keep it up with streaking El Paso knocking at their door?

9. Kansas City Kangaroos (NL / 60-48 / Last Ranking #2)

They’ve cooled off a bit recently, but could still prove dangerous come playoff time. Their track record speaks for itself, and csherwood does have a reputation for pulling out key playoff series as an underdog…

10. El Paso Ultraviolence (AL / 57-51 / Last Ranking#UNRANKED)

This young team has been overlooked a lot, but they could very well overtake Jacksonville by season’s end. The pitching here has been strong all year, led by 2nd year stud Diego Lee

Dropped Out: Richmond, Boston, Anaheim, San Antonio


28. Salem Timberhawks (NL / 54-54 / Last Ranking #UNRANKED)

They’ve lost 6 straight and are 2-8 in their last 10. While this may be a surprise ranking, they are not playing very good baseball right now at all.

29. Colorado Springs Coyotes (NL / 46-62 / Last Ranking #UNRANKED)

Only 3 teams in the NL have given up more runs than the Coyotes. Even though they have been playing well lately, going 6-4 in their last 10, it won’t last when divisional play picks up again and Sacramento gets batting practice…

30. Las Vegas Muckers (NL / 43-65 / Last Ranking #UNRANKED)

Negatives: They’re 3-7 in their last 10. They’re 20 games behind Los Angeles. They’ve given up the 2nd most runs in the entire NABCL.

Positives: Their cheerleaders are becoming more liberal with their dances to attract fans. Maybe the ‘weed should take note here…

31. Pawtucket Patriots (AL / 36-72 / Last Ranking #31)

Not much better than the ‘weed, but they did have a respectable showing in divisional play last time around.

32. Wichita ‘weed (NL / 20-88 / Last Ranking #32)

They’ve lost 8 in a row and show no signs of that letting up any time soon…

Climbed Out: Vancouver, Scranton, Seattle


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    >Great job squirrel!

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    >And Washington avoids the bottom 5 once more. We’ve been tapdancing on the edge of the volcano all season

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    >You came close shalmelo, maybe next time!

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