Team records
ML: 75-42
AAA: 62-55
AA: 69-48
HiA: 54-63
LowA: 66-51
Rookie: 29-23


ML team: A Texas is battling it out with Atlanta for the top record in the Majors.
Minors: B+ The minor league teams for the Tally Whackers are having respectable campaigns. The best of the group is the AA team, which looks to go deep in the playoffs.
Trades: B- Texas got solid RP Ernie Torres in their only trade of the season.
Player acquisitions: B+ International free agent Jimmie Navarre is a solid pick up and projects to be a future everyday RF. 30 year old free-agent LF Grant Barker has been an excellent catalyst for Texas for this season. Free agent SP Yamil Guzman was one of the biggest signings in the offseason and Guzman has delivered for Texas with 13 victories.
Player development: B Already in his 3rd year in the big leagues at 21, OF Glenn Matheson is becoming one of the best pure hitters in baseball. After a .389 batting average and an injury last season, 2B Tim Rooney was the subject of a lot of talk this offseason. Rooney has responded with a solid, but unspectacular campaign. Texas fans anticipate bigger things ahead for him. Texas fans also expect great things from SS Henry Anderson, who made his ML debut this season.
Record compared to talent: B+ With a $90.9 million payroll, Texas is having an outstanding season. Everyone expected the Tally Whackers to be the class of the AL South, but few expected them to battle for the best record in baseball.
Coach hot seat ranking: Green


Team records
ML: 60-57
AAA: 67-50
AA: 67-50
HiA: 83-34 (Top record in HiA)
LowA: 69-48
Rookie: 34-18


ML team: C+ The Sidewinders are rebuilding this season, but still have an outside shot at a wildcard spot. Veteran catcher Guy Williams continues to be one of the best pure hitters in the league and is among the league leaders in AVG, OBP, and OPS.
Minors: A As one of only two franchises with a winning record at every level, the minor league teams for the Sidewinders are having excellent seasons everywhere. Each team should make the playoffs with a chance to advance. The HiA team is particularly impressive with the best record of anyone at that level.
Trades: B+ Desperate for pitching, Santa Fe picked up excellent pitching prospects in Al Jordan and Walt Cortes. Since acquired, SP Benjamin Connelly has become one of the better parts of a beleaguered staff, and catcher Mike Vaughn should become a solid catcher both offensively and defensively. The Sidewinders will miss veterans SP John Cho, SS Andrew Hampton, and RP Jeff Shipley.
Player acquisitions: D+ Santa Fe acquired several Rule 5 players, but none look to be difference makers.
Player development: B- 24 year old RF Eric Sisk is becoming one of the superstars of the league. He will challenge for league supremacy in HR’s and RBI’s this year, and for many years to come. In his 3rd year, 3B Benny James is having his best season yet and looks to become one of the best run producers in the game from the lead-off position. Young 1B Tony Alvarez is having a somewhat disappointing season, but big things are expected ahead. In AAA, SP’s Paul Flanagan and Brendon Wright, and 2b Pedro Sanchez are all having excellent seasons and look to make their ML debuts soon.
Record compared to talent: B With a young team and a $39.3 million payroll, Santa Fe fans knew that this would be a rebuilding season going in. If they can somehow make it into the playoffs, this will be a very successful season for the Sidewinders.
Coach hot seat ranking: Green


Team records
ML: 47-70
AAA: 67-50
AA: 62-55
HiA: 51-66
LowA: 51-66
Rookie: 40-12


ML team: D With a mix of veterans and youngsters, Houston is struggling at the ML level this season. One bright spot for Houston is veteran closer Boots Gaetti. Gaetti continues to be one of the better closers in the game.
Minors: C+ Houston has a lot of talent in their minors, particularly at AAA and in Rookie league, and their teams are poised for postseason success. The AA Kings of Kumbia also look to make the playoffs.
Trades: D In their only trade of the season, Houston traded C Alex Franco and RP Lyle Mallet to Anaheim for SP Ariel Diaz and 3B Benny Julio.
Player acquisitions: C+ 3B Bud Iorg is a solid pick up off of waivers for Houston. Iorg projects as an everyday 3B and is having a solid year. Free Agent signees Tony Goldman, Candy Newsome, and Wayne Hitchcock are serviceable guys signed to reasonable contracts, but none are difference makers.
Player development: A- Young SP Cliff Sheets hasn’t had the same success in wins and losses that he did last season, but Sheets is a future star for Houston. He projects as one of the top pitchers in the league. The name Eric must be something special in the USMLB league, as AAA 1B Eric Flynn will become another of the league’s great sluggers. Future all-star catcher Tomas Roque is having another huge season, and Houston fans are very excited about his future.
Record compared to talent: D With their $78.7 million payroll and many veterans, the Kings of Kumbia are in limbo at the ML level. Management has been patient with talent in the minor leagues, and hopefully it will pay off in the future.
Coach hot seat ranking: Yellow

IOWA CITY RAIDERS – deerhunter

Team records
ML: 33-84 (worst ML record)
AAA: 51-66
AA: 61-56
HiA: 54-63
LowA: 62-55
Rookie: 15-37


ML team: F At 33-84, Iowa City has the worst record in the majors. One bright spot is that veteran SP Elston Long is quietly having an excellent season for Iowa City, and is among the league leaders in E.R.A.
Minors: C- For Iowa City, minor league teams at AA and LowA are battling to make the playoffs. AAA and HiA teams are on the outside looking in, and the Rookie team is having a dismal season.
Trades: D+ None
Player acquisitions: C- Rule 5 acquisition C Adrian Hutch looks to be an everyday catcher and a solid pick up. The Raiders made a big investment in free agent LF Albert Thornton with a 5 year ML deal. Thornton is currently struggling in AAA.
Player development: C+ P.T. Bolton made his much anticipated debut in the majors this season into the Iowa City bullpen. Raiders fans have been questioning why coaches won’t put him in the rotation, particularly with the season they are having. In his first full season, RF Joshua Sedlacek is having a solid season and should be a good piece of the Raiders lineup moving forward. CF John Torres has shown that he can do some very good things with the bat when he’s healthy. The key throughout his career will be to keep him healthy. At only 19, SS Philip Gabriel has already made it to AAA, and Iowa City expects great things from him.
Record compared to talent: D+ With a dearth of talent at the ML level left by two previous owners, fans in Iowa City didn’t expect a lot this season, and they got even less than they expected. With limited talent at the ML level, Iowa City is looking to develop talent and build for next year.
Coach hot seat ranking: Yellow



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