>NABCL Season 9 Championship Odds

>Okay gentlemen, where would you put your money? What are the good bets? Who are the longshots that have the best chance of surprising and paying off? Where did I screw up? Who did I not give enough respect too? Let me know. Do you agree with your teams odds to win it all?

Sacramento Terrible Two’s (5-2): Lots of pressure after 5 straight division titles and only 1 championship to not turn into the Atlanta Braves.

Chicago Beast (3-1): If Jacksonville is no longer the brides maid, it now falls to the Beast.

Los Angeles Robins (4-1): Six straight division titles until finishing 2nd last year (tied with Anaheim but lost the tie breaker), is it a bump in the road or the start of a decline?

Trenton Thrashers (4-1): 100-win team, back to back division titles, but poor playoff showings.

Jacksonville Jackals (6-1): The monkey is off their back, our Season 8 Champions!!!

Anaheim Natural Disasters (6-1): They ended Los Angeles’ reign at the top of the AL West, can they do it again? A lot of people say yes, the odds say 2nd place.

Portland Jacks (6-1): Tough division has the Jacks owning a Wild Card spot every year, they will be a tough out in the playoffs and could easily reach the World Series.

San Antonio Missions (Viva The Puffy Taco) (7-1): Won the NL Pennant after knocking out the top 3-seeds. If their rotation performs like it did in the playoffs, watch out!!!

El Paso Ultraviolence (10-1): The top 3 in the AL South are too close to call, any of the 3 could win the division.

Memphis Maniax (10-1): Always a threat to the top teams in the National League.

Seattle Salty Dogs (12-1): I would put some money here, this is a team ready to breakout with young stars, led by Bum Stocker and Kevin Martin. I am not sure they can catch Chicago, but anything but a Wild Card berth would be a major disaster.

Fargo Roughriders (13-1): A great offense leads the way, if they can stabilize the back-end of the rotation they will make a lot of noise.

Richmond Poor Men (15-1): A great high average offense led by John Barkley, with some youth in the rotation. It will be close but my money is on Richmond to claim the AL South.

New Orleans Crawdads (15-1): An 81-81 year was disappointing, Livan Flores and Felipe Tarasco (both 30 this year) will not be around forever, now is the time to take the next step.

Charlotte Queen’s Men (15-1): Now is the time to take a shot at the NL East crown.

Philadelphia Dead Milkmen (18-1): Walter Wiggins is a beast, but will someone step up in the rotation and get outs consistently?

Helena Misfits (18-1): Not an overly exciting team, but they win and are the defending AL North champs.

Kansas City Kangaroos (20-1): A young rebuilding offense, an over the hill ace, with a few young pitchers thrown in. The ‘roos will always compete, and no one would be surprised if they make another run soon.

Scranton Screwballs (22-1): Cabrera and Carpenter will lead the offense, Garza and Carrasco are a great 1-2 punch in rotation, this team better compete for at least a Wild Card in a tough NL North.

Boston Colonials (25-1): NL type offense, they are a dominant starter away from claiming the division crown.

New Britain Block Heads (25-1): Addition of Craig Hooper solidified offense, great trade by Verd.

Salem Timberhawks (25-1): Lenny Singleton, Derrick Stanley, and unfortunately not a whole lot else.

San Diego Storm (25-1): Potentiall great starting rotation in a great pitchers park, if they could muster just a little offense, they could be a surprise darkhorse team.

Vancouver Loonies (30-1): Herrera and Duvall not as dominant as Scranton’s 2-headed monster, young offense should improve.

Norfolk Loyalists (35-1): Typical AL offense, need to figure out rotation in a big way.

Washington D.C. Federals (50-1): The AL East is up for grabs, why not the Federalies?

Louisville Legionnaires (50-1): It is a rebuilding job, but it has begun.

Colorado Springs Coyotes (60-1): Wrong division to be in.

Las Vegas Muckers (100-1): They finished 2nd or 3rd every year until finishing 4th last season, they have the offense, but the pitching must improve.

Pawtucket Patriots (500-1): They are far removed from the dominance of the first 3 seasons, they need to completely redo the rotation.

Iowa City Shuckers (1000-1): Too many Dave Kingman’s on offense, the pitching staff is led by Harry Simpson who has All-Star potential. It is something to build around.

Wichita ‘weed (2500-1): The ultimate rebuilding job. Oldave is going to get it done. They are on the road to recovery.


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2 Responses to >NABCL Season 9 Championship Odds

  1. DonaldKey says:

    >”anything short of the Wild Card is a disaster”? Thanks, thats a TON of pressure on a team thats never even made the playoffs. Not sure we belong with playoff talk.

  2. >Boston’s 25-1 odds may as well be to break .500 this season. You gotta tear it down before you can rebuild it!

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