>El Paso Ultraviolence Season Preview


Starting Lineup

1B – Bump Boucher, rookie 1st rounder, the future of ultra-power if early call-up doesn’t hinder

2B – Trenidad Belliard, rookie and first half of the Belliard brothers

3B – Charlie Stone, .260 18HR 74RBI and 46SB, needs better

SS – J.D. Hutton, .251 32SB, solid fielder, pushed by second of the Belliard brothers, Tony

C – Deivi Castilla, FA Signee to replace Damaso “passed ball” Montana

LF – Bob Fleming, 232 SB (career), good for 100 runs a season

CF – Carlos Rios, gold glove at 2B last season transitions to the outfield

RF – Fred Barber, 48 HR 111 RBI member of the ultra-power triumvirate

DH – Heath Taylor, 31 HR 95 RBI senior member of ultra-power wants success over numbers


SP – Diego Lee, 16-10 3.72ERA, ace of the staff great potential

SP – Don Nady, 16-9 3.48 ERA steady contributor

SP – Domingo “The Wildebeast” Jose, 17-11 4.06, 262 career starts for the franchise

SP – Kory Relaford, 14-12 4.38 ERA, only lefty starter and not a member of the triple D’s

RP – Tanyon Karl, 2.41 9SV, veteran revived his career last season, repeat?

RP – Luis Moya, 2.88 15SV, will he be as effective now as full-time closer

Key Losses – Damaso Montana, Matt Coleman


Last season saw the Ultraviolence claim their first ever division title, but win only one playoff game. The expectations are high and the pitching staff is expected to close the gap on the LA Robin’s as the AL’s finest. Inconsisent play could be a problem due to the influx of rookies.


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