>Updated Championship Odds (Season 9-100 games)

NABCL Season 9 Championship Odds (UPDATED AS OF 100 GAMES)

***updated odds are in bold***

Okay fellas, the money has been pouring in and now that we are past the halfway mark in the season, here is where the championship odds stand.

Sacramento Terrible Two’s (5-2) (3-1): It hasnt been easy as they have had to overcome an early 9-game deficit in the powerhouse NL West, but they now occupy the best record in the NL.

Chicago Beast (3-1) (6-1): Still an elite team, but having trouble pulling away in a weak NL North.

Los Angeles Robins (4-1) (2-1): The 2nd place finish last year looks like a bump in the road, this is the team to beat (and they have the best record in baseball).

Trenton Thrashers (4-1) (4-1): Showing that they have taken over the NL East from the ‘roos.

Jacksonville Jackals (6-1) (8-1): A tough AL South has them 2-games out.

Anaheim Natural Disasters (6-1) (10-1): They wont catch Los Angeles asleep at the switch again, but a playoff birth should be assured.

Portland Jacks (6-1) (7-2): The new darlings of the betting public have reignited the rivalry and are giving the Two’s a huge test in the NL West.

San Antonio Missions (Viva The Puffy Taco) (7-1) (5-1): Running away with the NL South, they are getting hot at the right time again, and that meant the World Series last year. Watch out!!!

El Paso Ultraviolence (10-1) (8-1): The top 3 in the AL South are too close to call, any of the 3 could win the division. (it has played out perfectly)

Memphis Maniax (10-1) (25-1): After finishing in 1st place 5 times in 6 seasons, they are 11-games out and have yet to find their groove.

Salty Dogs (12-1) (15-1): Injuries have played a small part in their season as they just havent been able to get over the hump and stay ahead of Chicago. They have to make a move soon or another year on the outside looking in could spell disaster.

Fargo Roughriders (13-1) (15-1): Just on the outside looking in on the playoff race, but they way they can put up runs they will be in it until the end.

Richmond Poor Men (15-1) (8-1): At press time they hold a 1-game lead in the AL South, but the division is completely up for grabs.

New Orleans Crawdads (15-1) (30-1): Time to rebuild and trade Flores and Tarasco before the get into their ’30’s.

Charlotte Queen’s Men (15-1) (30-1): Hanging around .500 but Trenton will be difficult to catch.

Philadelphia Dead Milkmen (18-1) (12-1): The class of the AL North.

Helena Misfits (18-1) (45-1): Defending AL North champs find themselves in the cellar with a long way to go to the top.

Kansas City Kangaroos (20-1) (45-1): The rebuilding has begun, but the run wont be this season.

Scranton Screwballs (22-1) (20-1): They have a run differntial of -14 but somehow they are only 1-game out. Smoke and mirrors!!!

Boston Colonials (25-1) (100-1): The travesty that is the AL East.

New Britain Block Heads (25-1) (45-1): Craig Hooper hasnt helped.

Honolulu AntEaters (25-1) (12-1): A huge surprise as they have gotten help from players not named Singleton or Stanley.

San Diego Storm (25-1) (50-1): It’s been a struggle.

Vancouver Loonies (30-1) (45-1): 8-games under .500 and a run differential of -69, but only 6-games out of first. You never know, but the bettors dont think so.

Norfolk Loyalists (35-1) (100-1): Someone has to win the AL East.

D.C. Federals (50-1) (75-1): See Norfolk.

Louisville Legionnaires (50-1) (250-1): It is a rebuilding job, but it has begun. (and so it continues)

Colorado Springs Coyotes (60-1) (18-1): Here is where most of the money has gone as the Coyotes have made the biggest jump by placing themselves right in the middle of the NL West race.

Las Vegas Muckers (100-1) (100-1): Hanging around .500 but in the wrong divsion.

Pawtucket Patriots (500-1) (1000-1): What else can be said about the AL East?

Iowa City Shuckers (1000-1) (1000-1): They have a ways to go but building around Harry Simpson is a start. A few trades for some prospects and they are on their way.

Wichita ‘weed (2500-1) (1000-1): They system is deep with talent, and they are developing nicely. It wont happen now, but watch out in a year or two.


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  1. DonaldKey says:

    >great job! I think you were a little generous though to Seattle.

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