Team Grade

1. Tacoma Pioneers – A (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Miguel Pena P
2. Monterrey Stars – A- (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Sam Stone CF
3. Atlanta Brave Vawts – B (Last Season – A) Top Player: Travis Lowe SS
4. Durham Bulls – B (Last Season – B) Top Player: Andy Sikorski CF
5. Texas Talley Whackers – B (Last Season – D) Top Player: Bob Minor SS
6. Colorado Springs Armed Forces – B (Last Season – F) Top Player: Bunny Perkins 2B
7. Iowa City Raiders – B- (Last Season – B) Top Player: Frank Simmons 2B
8. Jackson BlaZers – B- (Last Season – C-) Top Player: Art Dorsey P
9. Honolula Five-O’s – C+ (Last Season – A-) Top Player: Zephyr Edwards SS
10. Hartford Demolition – C+ (Last Season – B) Top Player: John Giambi SS
11. Houston Hitmen – C+ (Last Season – B) Top Player: D.T. Telford P
12. San Diego Friar Power- C+ (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Walter Clark SS
13. Indianapolis Wrecking Crew – C+ (Last Season – D+) Top Player: Garland Haney P
14. New Britain Fisher Cats – C (Last Season – A-) Top Player: Wilfredo Velazquez LF
15. Colorado Sky Sox – C (Last Season – A-) Top Player: Dernell Kirk 3B
16. Tucson Xpress – C (Last Season – B+) Top Player: Willie Stark P
17. Milwaukee Bucks – C (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Nicholas Lowe SS
18. Scranton Beet Farmer’s – C (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Pinky Snyder P
19. St. Louis Cornerstone – C (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Ben Olson 2B
20. Fargo Woodchippers – C (Last Season – B-) Top Player: Patrick Kennedy 2B
21. Anhiem Beefpound – C (Last Season – C-) Top Player: Glen Payton CF
22. Cincinnati Highlanders – C- (Last Season – A-) Top Player: Darron Latham LF
23. Santa Fe Sidewinders – C- (Last Season – B+) Top Player: Gordon Munoz LF
24. Ottawa Crawdaddies – C- (Last Season – B) Top Player: Chip Hausmann SS
25. Boston Braves – C- (Last Season – F) Top Player: Wes Munoz P
26. Toledo Tornados – C- (Last Season – C) Top Player: Allen Chase P
27. Kansas City Dirt Bags – C- (Last Season – C-) Top Player: Tripp Schlereth P
28. San Jose Sabercats – C- (Last Season – D-) Top Player: Kevin Morgan 1B
29. Madison Lasers – D+ (Last Season – F) Top Player: Pasqual Guardado P
30. Portland Landports – D (Last Season – B) Top Player: Tom Smith P
31. Florida GaToRs – D (Last Season – F) Top Player: Ezdra Martin 3B
32. San Juan Ballerz – F (Last Season – D+) Top Player: Randy Penny P


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