>Seattle Salty Dogs Season 10 Lineup Preview

>1. Brett Siddall – 1B – This 31 year old left handed On Base machine (career .409 OBP in 9 seasons) will be asked to grab a 1st basemen’s mitt and move over from his customary 2B position at times (see below for reason why). Durability is definitely a concern, so he may hit lower in the order at times to keep from racking up too many AB’s. However, if he gets on regularly someone may be having a career year in RBI’s. Was acquired from Helena late in the season and while his batting average suffered in Seattle, he still got on base at a .436 clip while in a Salty Dog uniform.

2. Jesse Murphy – C – Switch hitting catcher always seems to start off slow followed by a nice rebound. Maybe more work in Spring Training will help. Last year when he settled into the #2 spot is when he really started hitting well, and that’s why he’ll start the year here.

3. Bum Stocker – 3B – Still only 24 yet is entering his 3rd season. Will continue to be the cornerstone of the franchise. He improved in every category from his rookie season except RBI’s. We expect another jump in #’s this year, while continuing to play the hot corner.

4. Alex Randolph – RF – After winning a Gold Glove at 2B in Season 8 Randolph herniated a disk in his neck early in Season 9. He came back late, but was obviously not the same. He’s being asked to move to RF to make better use of his arm. He is also a durability risk and will be given plenty of breathers whenever possible. Not your traditional cleanup hitter, but with his veteran experience, plus lack of other options, he gets the call.

5. Bronson Grey – LF – Came up through the system as a 3B, but Bum Stocker has a lock on that, so in order to crack the lineup he’s moving to LF. He came up last year as an injury replacement and struggled. He was sent back down and came back up again after more injuries and played much better. This year the kid gloves come off and more is expected, maybe too much. Hopefully he’ll respond to the pressure.

6. Dante Baek – CF – A two time Gold Glover in CF (Season’s 7 & 8), he was asked to play some SS last year. While he moved without hesitation, it clearly was not the best fit. He hit a career high 24 HR’s but was inconsistent all year. We’re hoping a return to CF will help put him at ease and flash more of the All-Star form he showed in Season 8 when he started off on fire.

7. Paul Martin – 2B – Martin was the 6th pick of the Season 8 draft after a great Junior year at the University of San Francisco. He has been fast tracked to the majors ever since. Season 9 was his first full season and he started at AA. He hit well enough to get to AAA by the end of the year. He was much sought after during the offseason, but will get to the major leagues soon. There is talk of letting him stay the first month or so in AAA to help him adjust (only 24 AB’s in AAA last year) as well as to help delay the arbitration years by 1.

8. Glen Duvall – SS – Acquired in the offseason (along with Chip Rakers and Hanley Serafini ) for William Murata . Definitely a steep price, but GM Don Key felt he had to do something to shore up the SS position. Murata was blocked at all the corners (and 2B) and by acquiring a gold glove caliber SS in Duvall, it also allows them to move Baek back to CF where he has previously won Gold Gloves. So from that standpoint the trade makes more sense(especially if he hits as well in Seattle as he did in San Antonio), and also acquired some future bullpen help, not to mention someone with some playoff experience.

Michael Martin – 2B/OF – He is making the Major League minimum. Couple that with good range and speedy wheels, he makes the team as a defensive replacement/pinch runner type.

Alex Cabrera – 1B/LF – 2 years removed from a 30HR/100 RBI season, he was signed for relatively nothing ($845K) to provide backup. He performed decent as a backup ( .283/.348/.471/.819 – 10HR’s – 39 RBI’s – 272 AB’s) last year and will get a similar amount of AB’s this year with Martin starting in AAA, and others needing breathers.

D.T. Jennings – Utility – Acquired late last year, will fill at many positions in an attempt to get him 300+ AB’s at the major league level.
The rest of the bench has not yet been finalized.

Bernie Sanchez – C – Brought in as a back up, will play vs lefties to give Murphy a break.


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