>Top 10/Bottom 5 – Season 10 – 25 Games In


Sacramento Terrible Two’s (NL)
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– The Two’s have shaken things up with an eye towards the future. Any other team that makes bold trades like that (within the division no less) would not get the top spot. However, they did get plenty of talent back, plus they didn’t break up their top 4 in their rotation. Their staff is dominant, the only question is will losing Albert Piper mess up the chemistry for this season? Apparently management thought it was worth the risk, and in the long run I would agree. Until they get bumped from their perch they belong at #1.


Anaheim Natural Disasters (AL)
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– As expected Tony Wanatabe is leading the offense. They have gone with a 4 man rotation which has been quite successful so far despite the fact that Gene Pavano and Victor Garces have losing records. If Pavano can contain his walks he’ll be fine, but teams are teeing off on Victor ‘No relation to Rich’ Garces. Still the 4 man allows them to have a longer pen which is a weapon for them.


Wichita ‘weed (NL)
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– Look who is out of the basement and into the penthouse. Apparently the Weed like the view from the top, and methinks they should let all the young talent play. We like the promotion of Cookie Milton even despite not starting him. We’re still awaiting the arrival of The Tiger , who could easily start on any Major League team, yet the Weed may have taken one too many hits from the bong in deciding to keep him in the minors. I know you can avoid the arbitration year by 1, but you could increase the chances of winning with him (although please note he doesn’t belong at SS). Congrats to the Weed on finally climbing out of the bottom 5, which we think is for good.


– Where in the heck did that winning streak come from? They started off 1-6 and quietly won their next 14 straight, jumping them up high. Will it last? Good question, I really don’t know, but with Chicago having a down run and looking to panic (see B.C. Parent trade rumors) they have probably the best shot of taking over that division. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them run away with it considering the talent they’ve acquired in the last few years.


– Looks like that maybe the word out of San Antonio is false, Felipe Matos is not the root of all evil. According to reports he’s helped turn Kurt Lewis into a star.


San Antonio
San Antonio Missions (Viva The Puffy Taco) (NL)
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– The defending NL Champs have got off to a slow start but still lead the division. They’ll turn it on any minute now, just wait.


Los Angeles
Los Angeles Robin’s (AL)
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– I know what you’re thinking, but there are other teams ahead of them in their own division that aren’t even on this list. Well to that I say “you are correct, but they aren’t the defending world champs”. But be warned, the slack is being shortened.


Philadelphia Dead Milkmen (AL)
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– Wasn’t it nice to see Shooter Farrell hit his 500th career Home Run? You think he might have benefitted from that stadium?


Jacksonville Jackals (AL)
jose can u c
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Brian Martin and Geraldo Guardado have led this team, and they’ve needed it with their staff getting roughed up to the tune of a 5.02 team ERA. Still I expect that to come down a bit and even out.


– At first glance they didn’t make the top 10. I figured their pitching staff was helped immensely by playing in Petco (which it is). They also have a respectable .801 team OPS, which just squeaks them into the 10 spot, over some stiff competition (sorry Portland, New Britain, Colorado Springs, Trenton, and Memphis).

Bottom 5

Louisville Legionnaires (NL)
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– Something needs to be done to light a fire, because I don’t think there as far away as many people think.


Las Vegas
Las Vegas Muckers (AL)
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– Looks like that 9 years and running streak for not making the playoffs is safe.


– They were supposed to challenge for the division crown. Being in Norfolk “Bombs Away” has new meaning.


– A 6.27 Team ERA is simply not going to cut it.


Kansas City
Kansas City Baby Blue Soundcrew (NL)
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– They are here for obvious reasons, though to no fault of the current ownership.

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