>Welcome to the second edition of the USMLB Daily. A lot of news and information will be in here and fun things will be added through out it. I hope that you enjoy and that the report will be up Monday through Friday till the end of the season. Draft information will also be added to the Daily report after the draft. Trades that happen from this day forward will also be added to the report. If there’s anything you would like me to cover or add (real or not) just let me know and I’ll do my best to add it.

Interview with the defending American League Champions the Anaheim Beefpound:
The team hasn’t gotten out to a good start leading the American League West like normal but it looks like this year might just be a little tougher for them. Well have to wait and see.

So what are you goals for the season: “Nothing less than a World Series Championship is all but a failure in my book. I feel you must always get better and that is all that is my next step since I fell short last year. And I would also like to recover from poor decision making on my part when setting my budget this year.”
Well this could be the year for the Beefpound but I believe there’s better competition in the American League this season so it could be a battle all season long to get there.

If you could have any player from another team who would it be? and why?: “I love me some Khoury Glass. You can never have enough speed!”
I think every team would love to have a player like that. A rare talent in the majors that’s for sure.

What team scares you the most to face: “The Xpress. Knowing how bad they were last year and that they are putting some wins together and his young talent is coming around.”
He may want to forget about the Arizona Sting who are nipping at there heels as well.

Who do you think will make it to the World Series out of the National League: “I think Monterrey stands a good shot. They are solid at home and that makes it very tough to head south to try to knock them off. IF they get home-field advantage, they will be a force that can roll through the competition to meet me in the finals. Booya!”
I really wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch in the World Series between the Beefpound and the Stars once again.

Anything else you would like to add: “I love playing in this league and nothing can be better then playing here.”
I will have to agree with him with that one.

The Tacoma Pioneers sent Buddy Colbert (P) and Victor Navarro (SS) to the Durham Bulls for Vic Nye (CF), Don Fielder (P) and Brad Allen (P). Rating: C
This trade helped both team fill some needs. It looks like Durham gets a reliable reliever and a young shortstop with a shot at the majors, while the Pioneers got a decent outfielder and pitchers that will help out there minor league teams with maybe Allen getting a shot at the majors next season.

The Monterrey Stars sent Roy Walker (C) and Seth Dillon (P) to the Houston Hitmen for Julio Cruz (C) and Seth Law (P). Rating: B-
If this was near the trade deadline this would be a blockbuster trade. The Hitmen get a young, powerful catcher in Walker who will probably become there everyday DH and a good young reliable starter to help there pitching staff in Dillon. The Stars got a young catcher with some upside but I don’t see him staying with the team for long as he’s more of a DH hitter. But I think the real reason for this trade was that the Stars wanted Law which I hate to say this is just like the pitchers he has now and he will still need to find that ACE he’s looking for.

The Anaheim Beefpound sent Tito Holt (P) to the Portland Landports for Robinson Buckley (1B) and Gene DeJean (LF) with 3.5M going to the Beefpound. Rating: D-
I didn’t like this trade the first time I saw it and I don’t like it anymore now I’ve really looked into it. I believe that the Beefpound just raped the Landports on this deal. The Landports got a decent pitcher with some control problems with his last year of options so there going to have to pay him next season, while the Beefpound got two good prospects and 3.5m in cash. I may only veto a couple trades a year and I did veto this trade and I hope that the other owners will take the time to look at trades like this.

Rumor Mill:
Three people in the Tampa area have climb a billboard with the Manta Rays logo on it and said there not coming down until the Manta Rays finally when another game. I would say these people are crazy but with the nice warm better in Tampa it’s got feel good just hanging out with your friends for a while.
I’ve learned from some sources that Vawt the owner of the Atlanta Brave Vawts almost fired his manager and destroyed his office from the team poor start. The same source has said that players and managers are staying away from him as they don’t know if they’ll still be on the team if they catch him in the wrong mode. Let’s hope things get worked out in Atlanta because a unhappy Vawt is bad for the league.

Poll Question:
I guess you guys would like to see Vawt under the hot seat next. Let’s hope his head doesn’t exploded from the tough questions he will face about his team poor season so far.

Useless Information:

Hoss Boone (1B), Guy Williams (C), Richard Evans (CF), Frank Jacobsen (LF) and Kane Hines (P) are the only players to be four time AllStars in the league.


Atlanta Brave Vawts 409 239 0.631 203 121 206 118 0.627 0.636
Wichita Wranglers 401 247 0.619 199 125 202 122 0.614 0.623
Anaheim Beefpound 391 257 0.603 197 127 194 130 0.608 0.599
Jackson BlaZers 386 262 0.596 191 133 195 129 0.590 0.602
Madison Lasers 360 288 0.556 180 144 180 144 0.556 0.556
Boise Hurricanes 359 289 0.554 179 145 180 144 0.552 0.556
San Antonio Stars 357 291 0.551 182 142 178 146 0.562 0.549
Cincinnati Highlanders 354 294 0.546 170 154 184 140 0.525 0.568
Florida GaToRs 339 307 0.525 180 144 161 163 0.556 0.497
Fargo Woodchippers 334 314 0.515 156 168 178 146 0.481 0.549
Durham Bulls 333 315 0.514 175 149 158 166 0.540 0.488
Burlington Ice Storm 333 315 0.514 171 153 162 162 0.528 0.500
Tacoma Pioneers 328 320 0.506 155 169 173 151 0.478 0.534
New York Mets 322 326 0.497 166 158 156 168 0.512 0.481
Ottawa Crawdaddies 316 332 0.488 157 167 159 165 0.485 0.491
Arizona Sting 315 333 0.486 169 155 146 178 0.522 0.451
Kansas City Bobcats 314 334 0.485 168 156 146 178 0.519 0.451
Portland Landports 312 336 0.481 147 177 165 159 0.454 0.509
St. Louis Cornerstone 310 338 0.478 152 172 158 166 0.469 0.488
New Britain Fisher Cats 307 341 0.474 159 165 148 176 0.491 0.457
Boston Braves 307 341 0.474 164 160 143 181 0.506 0.441
Tampa Bay Manta Rays 304 344 0.469 162 162 142 182 0.500 0.438
New York Cab Drivers 304 344 0.469 144 180 160 164 0.444 0.494
Indianapolis Clowns 301 347 0.465 145 179 156 168 0.448 0.481
Colorado Springs Armed Forces 297 351 0.458 138 186 159 165 0.426 0.491
San Diego Skyhawks 296 352 0.457 140 184 156 168 0.432 0.481
Milwaukee Bucks 294 354 0.454 144 180 150 174 0.444 0.463
Honolulu Honus 289 359 0.446 149 175 140 184 0.460 0.432
Cheyenne Xpress 289 359 0.446 148 176 141 183 0.457 0.435
Scranton Beet Farmer’s 286 362 0.441 147 177 139 185 0.454 0.429
Houston Hitmen 275 373 0.424 143 181 132 192 0.441 0.407
Jacksonville RAIDERS 244 404 0.377 120 204 124 200 0.370 0.383

Trivia Question:
Who ever sends me the correct answer to this question will be the next owner I’ll interview.
Name the three teams that have never been to the World Series?


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