>Anaheim Beefpound Draft

>The Beefpound signed most of draft picks expect for a few sprinkled through the draft. First-Basemen Bing Kolb looks to really be the star of the draft for this team. Pitcher Jolbert Martin looks to be the best pitcher selected by the team. First-Basemen Bernard Trammell could be late round steal, good job by the scouts for spotting him.

Rating: D+

Round 1 Pick 47 Bing Kolb 1B Rating (A+)

Round 2 Pick 78 Al Guevara C Rating (A-)

Round 5 Pick 174 Trever Dougherty LF Rating (B+)

Round 6 Pick 206 Jolbert Martin P Rating (D-)

Round 7 Pick 238 Marty Jackson P Rating (D-)

Round 8 Pick 270 Lyle Abbott RF Rating (B-)

Round 9 Pick 302 Pete Singleton P Rating (F)

Round 10 Pick 334 Quilvio Cordero P Rating (F)

Round 12 Pick 398 Vladimir Suarez P Rating (F)

Round 13 Pick 430 Cecil Melton 2B Rating (C)

Round 14 Pick 462 Chick Weiland P Rating (F)

Round 16 Pick 526 Bernard Trammell 1B Rating (C)

Round 17 Pick 558 Cookie Wilfredo SS Rating (D+)

Round 18 Pick 590 Ricardo Almanzar RF Rating (D+)

Round 19 Pick 622 Jorge Vasquez P Rating (F)

Round 20 Pick 654 Joe Mullens C Rating (F)

Round 21 Pick 686 Jim Ramirez P Rating (F)

Round 22 Pick 718 Ralph Ebert P Rating (F)

Round 24 Pick 782 Sidney Buhner P Rating (F)

Round 25 Pick 814 Jiggs Thompson P Rating (F)


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