>El Paso Ultraviolence – Season 11



Season 10 ended with a disappointing 83-79 record one year after capturing the AL South title. The bright spots were Al Mendez setting the single season steals record with 151 and Bump Boucher recording 154 RBI after knocking in 169 RBI in his rookie season.

Key Losses
DH Heath Taylor .294 57 RBI, EP legend leaves with 350 career HRs

S11 Prediction 88-74

Line Up
2B Al Mendez .267, 102 runs and 151 SB to go along with better than expected defense
LF Bob Fleming .291, 81 RBI and 84 SB, solid speedster knocked in Mendez often
1B Bump Boucher .263 45 HR and 154 RBI, numbers off from rookie campaign but HOF pace
RF Armando Garrido .263 in late season action for the five tool rookie
3B Charlie Stone .283 73 RBI and 44 SB, underachiever struggled with the glove in S10
CF Carlos Rios .319 65 RBI and 14 SB, great production and third straight gold glove
DH Enrique Gomez 53 HR at AA, rookie expected to provide needed pow to the lineup
C Deivi Castilla .236, vet signed for one more season while prospects simmer
SS Tony Belliard .236 50 RBI and a second straight gold glove

SP Diego Lee 12-17 5.03, steep fall from the 20 wins in S9 for EP’s ace
SP Larry Browne 14-5 4.24, solid second season for the Cattaraugus, NY native
SP Don Nady 15-10 3.83, a pro and 100-77 in his career with the Ultraviolence
SP Wilton Bang 13-10 3.57, old pro produced 229 IP
SP Domingo “Wildebeast” Jose 7-10 4.91, owner of EP’s only no-hitter on last stand?
SP Ricardo Santos 16-5 3.10 in AAA will challenge for Domingo’s spot in the rotation
LHP Mike Barfield 3.75 1.12 WHIP, 3rd straight sub 4.00 season
RHP Luis Moya 9-10 3.81 and 6 BSV, international phenom has bucked at the closer role
RHP Juan Benitez 3.61 and 20 Saves in opening salvo
LHP Daniel Metcalfe 3.94 in 82 IP for the long reliever
RHP Sammy Manto 7-5 4.18 in AAA


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