>It’s been five years since the USMLB has come together and here are the awards for the first five years. (This is for the regular season Team History and the playoffs will be done when the playoffs are over)(Player history will be done for the regular season and playoffs as well: alot more information to go through)


Best Record: Atlanta Brave Vawts – 510-300 .630 WP

Worst Record: Jacksonville RAIDERS – 301-509 .372 WP

Best Home Record: Atlanta Brave Vawts – 253-152 .625 WP

Worst Home Record: Jacksonville RAIDERS – 148-257 .365 WP

Best Road Record: Atlanta Brave Vawts – 257-148 .635 WP

Worst Road Record: Jacksonville RAIDERS – 153-252 .378 WP

Best Pitching Staff: Jackson BlaZers

Best Offensive: Kansas City Bobcats

Best Defense: Ottawa Crawdaddies

Worst Pitching Staff: Kansas City Bobcats

Worst Offensive: San Diego Skyhawks

Worst Defense: Jacksonville RAIDERS


Most Runs Scored: Kansas City Bobcats – 5473

Most Hits: Kansas City Bobcats – 8957

Most Doubles: Wichita Wranglers – 1569

Most Triples: Wichita Wranglers – 225

Most Homeruns: Cincinnati Highlanders – 1641

Most Stolen Bases: Cheyenne Xpress – 5535

Most Walks: Madison Lasers – 3399

Fewest Strikeouts: Atlanta Brave Vawts – 4883

Best Batting Average: Kansas City Bobcats – .300

Best On-Base Percentage: Madison Lasers – .372

Best Slugging Percentage: Kansas City Bobcats – .513


Most Complete Games: Jackson BlaZers – 82

Most Shutouts: Jackson BlaZers – 26

Most Saves: Atlanta Brave Vawts – 262

Most Strikeouts: St. Louis Cornerstone – 5736

Fewest Walks Allowed: Jackson BlaZers – 2362

Fewest Hits Allowed: St. Louis Cornerstone – 6961

Fewest Runs Allowed: Jackson BlaZers – 3503

Fewest Homeruns Allowed: Jackson BlaZers – 912

Best ERA: Jackson BlaZers – 4.02

Best WHIP: Jackson BlaZers – 1.33


Most Put-Outs: Tacoma Pioneers – 21895

Most Assist: Honolulu Honus – 8874

Most Double Plays: Wichita Wranglers – 2365

Fewest Errors: Scranton Beet Farmer’s – 334

Best Fielding Percentage: Scranton Beet Farmer’s – .989


Anaheim Beefpound: 5 AL West Divisional Championships/1 AL Championship

Atlanta Brave Vawts: 4 AL East Divisional Championships

Wichita Wranglers: 4 AL South Divisional Championships/ 2 AL Championships

Madison Lasers: 3 AL North Divisional Championships/ 1 AL Championship/ 1 World Series Champions

Cincinnati Highlanders: 1 AL East Championship

Portland Landports: 1 AL North Championship

Fargo Woodchippers: 2 NL North Championshps

Boise Hurricanes: 2 NL West Championships/ 1 NL Championship

Jackson BlaZers: 3 NL South Championships

Tampa Bay Manta Rays: 2 NL East Championshps

Indianapolis Clowns: 1 NL East Championship

Durham Bulls: 1 NL Championship/ 1 World Series Championship

Burlington Ice Storm: 1 NL North Championship/ 1 NL Championship/ 1 World Series Championship

New York Cab Drivers: 1 NL East Championship

Monterrey Stars: 2 NL South Championships/ 1 NL Championship/ 1 World Series Championship

Ottawa Crawdaddies: 1 AL North Championship

New Britain Fisher Cats: 2 NL North Championships

Tacoma Pioneers: 2 NL West Championships

St. Louis Cornerstone: 1 NL East Championship

Houston Hitmen: 1 AL South Championship


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