>Review of NABCL #1 Draft Picks

>Season 1 – Scott Harang

Scott Harang
San Antonio
Missions (Viva the Puffy Taco)
Age: 31 B/T: R/R
Born: Oakdale, MN
Position(s): 3B/IF/OF/DH
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Harang is a three-timer All-Star 3B for Frazz’s San Antonio Missions. Scott has been a Mission throughout his fine career, starting out as a SS in a bit of a forced fit but now much more comfortabel at the hot corner. He’s been hobbled this season by a bum hamstring and he hasn’t reached his full potential as a hitter. His best season was #9 when he hit 30 homers, scored 101 runs, knocked in 111 runs more and broke .900 OPS for the first time in his career. Not a superstar, but a good pick who has been a San Antonio mainstay.

Season 2 – Tomas Villano

Tomas Villano
Age: 27 B/T: R/R
Born: Brookville, IN
Position(s): 2B/OF/DH
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A longtime Thrasher, Villano has been the Trenton starting 2B for the last five seasons. A three-time All-Star and former MVP (for season 7), Tomas has amassed a very nice .938 career OPS and he brings a fine balance of hitting and power along with better than average eye, glove and wheels. His MVP season was his best, amassing 47 homers, 124 runs, 129 RBIs and an impressive 1 .098 OPS. Since cracking the ML lineups, Villano has led tmf12’s team to the playoffs in three of four seasons. One of the better 2B in the NABCL and a good first pick in the season 2 draft.

Season 3 – Mikey Knotts

Mikey Knotts
New Britain
Block Heads
Age: 26 B/T: R/R
Born: Winter, WI
Position(s): 1B/COF/DH
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After a horrendous first season with the New Britain franchise, Verd selected slugging 1B Knotts with the first pick of the season 3 draft. A former All-Star, Mikey is a better athlete than your garden variety first bagger, with excellent baserunning skills and a little speed to boot. He is a fine fielder as well, but he makes his living as a hammer an he averages just under 50 dingers a season. While not one of the elite power hitters in the NABCL, Knotts has been remarkably steady and durable, once going four straight seasons without missing a game. Forced to pick his best season and we’ll lean toward #9, wher e he even swiped 13 bases to go along with 61 HRs, 128 runs scored, 143 Ribeyes and a .927 OBS. Mikey’s consistency marks him as a very good number 1 pick.

Season 4 – Rob McConnell

Rob McConnell
Queen’s Men
Age: 25 B/T: R/R
Born: Dardanelle, AR
Position(s): RF
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Poised to become a premier NABCL slugger, Queen’s Man McConnell is now in his third big league season and he continues to show the steady year over year progress that is the hallmark of the best players in the game. Erran’s brought the Rfer along slowly with season long stops at every minor league tier before making the jump to the Show in season 9. Last season;s was Rob’s best so far, with 48 longballs, 105 RBIs and three more runs scored. He is a better than average runner but his glove work is a bit of a concern as is his overall health; no DL trips so far but his time will come. He is tracking this season to a 1.058 OPS and he should do even better in the next few legs. If he stays healthy, he looks lile a top notch draft pick.

Season 5 – Devon Russell

Devon Russell
Age: 24 B/T: R/R
Born: Gilroy, CA
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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A former All Star in season 9, this shortstop has been a bit of a disappointment for a number 1 overall pick. Russell has been the rodent’s starting SS for three seasons now, but a long DL stay last year for a (wince with me) torn groin slowed down Devon’s progress. An average fielder at best, Russell makes more bad plays than good ones. He seems to have leveled off as a hitter, consistently around a .860 OPS, a decent enough number for most players, but a tad underwhelming for a player of his assumed promise. At 24, there is still time to mature, but we aren’t liking all the signs we are seeing.

Season 6 – Tony Trinidad

Tony Trinidad
Age: 27 B/T: L/R
Born: Haledon, NJ
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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After a lengthy minor league career, 27 year old Trinidad has finally made it to the Big Time and he is just now getting comfortable in his second ML season. Tony has played 2B and 3B in addition to his natural position of SS in the Bigs, suggesting that he hasn’t really settled into a home quite yet. Wisaprentice selected the local boy for his NY Empire franchise, so oldave inherited him and moved him and the rest of the crew to Witchita in season 7. That first season in NY was brutal, with a rapid progression through the minors to AAA level, where he was stuck for three and a half-seasons. In 111 games last season, he enjoyed a decent but not great .863 OPS while stealing 27 homers and mashing 22 dingers. Still, he’ll need to step up big-time if he wants to reach his potential.

Season 7 – Kenny Herges

Kenny Herges
Iowa City
Age: 25 B/T: S/R
Born: Stillwater, MN
Position(s): SS
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Season 7 saw a shortstop taken number 1 for the third season in a row and like Russell and Trinitad before him, Iowa City’s Herges is still a work in progress (albeit one that is a bit further along than his predecessors). More of a hitter than a fielder, Kenny was rushed to the Shuckers ML roster after only 47 games in Hi A ball and the rush to produce took an initial toll on the young Shucker. But his progress has been steady and he is currently playing the best ball of his young career, tracking a .960 OPS and hitting at a very productive .346 clip. Herges can run a little bit too but he remains a bit of a defensive liability with 51 errors. Still, his steady progress suggests an up and comer who may yet see a few All Star games and other accolades.

Season 8 – Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez
Age: 23 B/T: R/R
Born: Onalaska, WI
Position(s): P (SP2)
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The first pitcher ever taken with the first pick in a NABCL draft, the pride of Onalaska, Wisconsin has been a bit of a bust so far in two ML seasons. Fernandez is primarily a two pitch pitcher – fastball and slider – and he averages a homer a game as well as two free passes each time out. His stamina is fine but the durability is too low for a workhorse-type and we’re a bit concerned with his health ratings too. Still, his WHIP is dropping nicely even if the dingers keep his ERA going in the wrong direction (5+ and counting). Fletchkd and his Patriots of Pawtucket havehit some rough times over the last five seasons and so far Victor hasn’t been the secret to a winning season. But season 11 has started a lot better for them and we’re hoping Fernandez turns out well.

Season 9 – Damon Wolf

Damon Wolf
Age: 21 B/T: R/R
Born: West Simsbury, CT
Position(s): P (LRA)
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A tough season 8 gave the Wichita franchise another shot at a #1 pick and oldave went for pitching this time around. The Wolf looks like someone who may have staying power. Dave is bringing him along slowly – he’s only in Hi A ball right now – but his game is getting better all the time and his stats get better at every higher level, not worse. Right now, he’s tossing a .83 WHIP and a measley 1.15 ERA. His K/BB ratios have been insanely good and he doesn’t give up many long balls. For now, Dave is getting him plenty of work (and lots of wins) as a long reliever but he projects as a #1 ML starter in a few seasons.

Season 10 –Stan Redman

Stan Redman
Age: 21 B/T: L/R
Born: Camden, SC
Position(s): C/DH
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Pawtucket was back picking #1 in the season 10 draft and settled on catcher Redman, a fearsome hitter who is already looking studly in the ML level in his second season of pro ball. Truth be told, we don’t see Stan the Man as a great game caller but his bat should help make up for any minimal impact he may have to the Patriots’ team ERA. In this, his first season in the Bigs, he already has 26 dingers in 58 games and he average a little more than a ribeye per game. Posessing a great batting eye to go along with all that power, this rookie is already clubbing at a 1.058 OPS clip and he is a major reason fletch and the gang are competing in the AL East. We like Redman to be a force for many years to come (though maybe as a first bagger or DH rather than a backstop). A great #1 pick for fletch.


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