>Top Major League Shortstops

>(Top Major League Shortstops from current ratings)



2. Henry Anderson

3. Ken Lincoln

4. Clem Barkley

5. Darby Thomas

6. Jeremi Jones

7. Juan Amaro

8. Sean Bird

9. Nolan Jordan

10. Tommie Romero



2. Junior Lui

3. Ken Lincoln

4. Darby Thomas

5. Clem Barkley

6. Cliff Mota

7. Juan Amaro

8. Al Vazquez

9. Jeremi Jones

10. Sean Bird



2. Calvin Lee

3. Mitch Durbin

4. Blake Brinkley

5. Todd Howry

6. Blake Newman

7. Manny Hasegawa

8. Kennie Sexson

9. Heinie Miller

10. Che Yamamoto


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