>National League South Draft

>Jackson Blazers
The Blazers selected left-fielder George Morris as there first pick in the first round. Morris is one of the best pure hitters in the draft this season with some pop in there as well. Morris will most likely be an All-Star sometime during his career. The question about Morris is that he is really set on going to college and it doesn’t matter what the Blazers offer him it doesn’t look like he will this season. Ranking A (unsigned)
The Blazers had also selected right-fielder Michael Rath also in the first round. Rath has some has a great bat and will destroy left-handers during the season and Rath will also make pitchers very nervous when he’s on base. Rath is the second best right-fielder in the draft this season. The question about Morris is that he has some struggles in the field and will struggle against good right-handed pitching. Ranking A-
The Blazers did a great job a finding some good offensive players and with seven picks during the first five rounds they really found some talent that will help in the future. Ranking B+

Monterrey Stars
The Stars selected pitcher Nerio Taylor as there first round pick. Taylor is going to be scary on the mound as he can just make you look extremely silly with his off-speed pitches. Taylor is the seventh best pitcher in the draft this season. The question about Taylor is the lack of power in his arm going to hurt him as a closer. Ranking A-
The Stars also selected pitcher Luther Pritchett in the second round. Pritchett is another junk ball pitcher that has the ability to make you pound the balls into the ground. Pritchett is the 10th best pitcher in the draft this season. The question about Pritchett is that he’s another soft throwing reliever and it makes you wonder how long he can survive that. Ranking B+
The Stars is one of the few teams that were able to find good pitching during the draft even though it was relievers that they found. Ranking B

Louisville Groundhogs
The Groundhogs selected catcher Gordon McGlinchy as there first round pick. McGlinchy is going to be scary at the plate during his career as he has great bat control, pop and an excellent eye when he’s standing at the plate. McGlinchy is the best catcher in the draft this season. The question about McGlinchy is that he’s only an average catcher but he won’t hurt you there as well. Ranking A+
The Groundhogs also selected shortstop Todd Burke in the second round. Burke was selected in the second round for his great defense and that is the only thing that could be considered great about him. Burke is the 8th best shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Burke is how bad is he going to hurt you at the plate and will that be enough to justify him in the lineup. Ranking B+
The Groundhogs did a really good job finding good players during there first two picks but going after pitching once again hurt another team. Ranking B-

Charleston Gullah’s
The Gullah’s selected shortstop Harry Long in the second round. Long just has an average bat with some pop in there but it’s his defense that people will be talking long after he has left baseball. Long is the fourth best shortstop and the best defense shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Long is how quickly he will be rushed to the major leagues because I think he might need some time in the minors. Ranking A
The Gullah’s also selected pitcher Vinny Watkins in the first round. Watkins has a really live arm that seems to be ready to pitch when ever you need him to pitch after that he’s an average pitcher with great command. Watkins is the 21st best pitcher in the draft this season. The question about Watkins is that he can get real predictable as he has a couple of great pitches but nothing special after that. Ranking C
The Gullah’s had a good draft not a great one it might have been a great one if they didn’t go after so much pitching. Ranking C-


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