>Manager of the Year Award (Phase 1)

>Anaheim Beefpound – beefpac
Team records
ML: 78-65 (Division Leader)
AAA: 84-60 (Division Winner)
AA: 76-68 (Division Winner)

HiA: 47-97
LowA: 45-99
Rookie: 40-36


ML team: B- Well it was predicted that the Beefpound would have a off year with the talent in the minor leagues taking another year or two before they where ready for the majors.

Minors: C The high minors have been really great for the team with the Triple-A and Double-A team winning there division but the rest of the minor league teams really struggled to find victories this season.


Team MVP: Vin Cordero Cordero seems like he is really back into form after having a down year last season.

Team Best Pitcher: Miguel Martinez Martinez is tied for the most victories on the team and seems to back to his form of a couple seasons ago.

Team Report: The season just doesn’t seem like anything as gone right for the Beefpound as they have just had problems winning the close games. I believe this team will still make the playoffs and could be very dangerous teams as most of the players have been to the playoffs before.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Kansas City Bobcats – sanmoss17
Team records
ML: 83-60 (Wildcard Chase)
AAA: 70-74
AA: 94-50 (Division Winner)
HiA: 58-86
LowA: 69-75
Rookie: 31-45


ML team: A- The Bobcats have played really well all season and they look like they will see the playoffs once again as a wildcard this season

Minors: C- All but the teams Double-A team have struggled during the season but the Double-A was really good this season.


Player acquisitions: Will Casanova signed a three year deal for the Bobcats. Casanova has done a good job out of the bullpen and as a spot closer for the team this season.

Team MVP: Eric Sisk Is there any question who would be the MVP for this team.

Team Best Pitcher: Luis Barajas The first year as a full time starter for Barajas has really worked well for the team.

Team Report: The main goal of winning the division won’t come true this season for the team but the other goal of a deep playoff push could happen this season. The Bobcats have one of the best offensives this season and a pitching staff that has surprised a lot of people including the coaching staff and fans. The young pitchers have done really well and I think the team has finally found the closer that they where looking for this year.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Minnesota Milfoils – suthsc
Team records
ML: 61-82
AAA: 68-75
AA: 54-89
HiA: 89-54 (Wildcard Team)
LowA: 105-38 (Division Winner)
Rookie: 44-32 (Wildcard Team)


ML team: D+ Minnesota has struggled during the season. Most of the team’s struggles have seemed to come from the offensive side

Minors: B Minnesota has done a great job in the minors with the lower minors really doing great and really getting people in Minnesota excited about the future of the team.


Team MVP: Darren Higginson Higginson is a hitting machine hitting .374 and producing over 100 RBI’s for the team.

Team Best Pitcher: Moises Montero Montero has become one of the best closer in the American League this season being apart over 50% of the team victories this season.

Team Report: The goals where really light for this team this season with the team holding onto a lot of bad contracts and the minor league system completely empty. The new owner has done a great job of getting the team ready for the future and the main goal wasn’t to lose 100 games and the team might just not lose 100 games this season.

Coach hot seat ranking: Green

Salem Gangstas – goosh33
Team records
ML: 48-94
AAA: 70-73
AA: 65-78
HiA: 77-66
LowA: 60-83
Rookie: 32-44


ML team: D- There has been a lot of struggles in Salem this season, as the team has one of the worst records in the league. The pitching staff has really let the team down this season.

Minors: C- The minor league teams for Salem have played well expect for the lower levels really struggling. No team is going to make the playoffs this season


Player acquisitions: Preston Wright signed a 2 year deal for the Gangstas. Wright has really struggled this year with his ERA over six.
Nick Collins signed a 1 year deal for the Gangstas. For a 36 year old Collins is really earning his money this year and could give him a chance to play another year next season.
Ricardo De La Vega signed a 3 year deal for the Gangstas. The team is paying almost 250k per lose for De La Vega this season.

Team MVP: Virgil Julio Julio has been the big bat in the lineup for the Gangstas this season and could come close to getting 100 RBI’s this season.

Team Best Pitcher: Dave Carlson Carlson may have only 19 saves this season but has really pitched well and could have a lot more saves for a winning team.

Team Report: The Gangstas are right where a lot of people thought they would be and another 100 game losing season seems to be coming true. But this season has had a lot of good points as well for the team as it looks like a good batch of talent is finally coming into the and if the fans a patience they could see a good bunch of prospects into the major league team in about 3 or 4 seasons.

Coach hot seat ranking: Green

Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs – mirky
Team records
ML: 71-72
AAA: 81-62 (Division Winner)
AA: 82-61
HiA: 67-76
LowA: 52-91
Rookie: 45-31


ML team: B The Groundhogs have really had an up and down season with hot streaks that have jumped them into the wildcard chance and then cold streaks that push them below the .500 mark.

Minors: B The minor league teams for the Groundhogs are mostly in the middle of the pack. Teams at Triple-A, Double-A and Rookie where in the playoff picture for most of the year with the Triple-A team winning there division. The HI-A and Low-A teams did struggle most of the year.


Team MVP: Leon Roosevelt The Arizona Sting have to be really kicking themselves by letting Roosevelt leave by the Rule-5 Draft during the offseason.

Team Best Pitcher: Buzz Jones Jones has really been great this season and with the rest of the pitching staff has made the Groundhogs one of the best staffs in the league this season.

Team Report: The future of this team as really come into there own this season and I believe that if they had a more reliable closer they could be in the wildcard chase. The team’s foundation this season has really been about pitching and defense mostly the starting pitcher as they will probably have all five starting pitchers with more then 10 victories this season.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Toledo Boltz – sharkyaz
Team records
ML: 73-69
AAA: 77-66 (Wildcard team)
AA: 67-76
HiA: 67-76
LowA: 94-49 (Wildcard team)
Rookie: 58-18 (Wildcard team)


ML team: B The team has really surprised a lot of teams this season with there record and there ability to remain around the .500 mark all season

Minors: B+ Toledo has a lot of good talent in the minors especially in the low minors with the two low minor teams making the playoffs and the Triple-A team battling for the last playoff spot.

Player acquisitions: Frank Nakamura signed a two year deal with the Boltz. Nakamura has really been a big disappointment for the team this season with his ERA in the sevens.
Charlie Newson signed a one year deal with the Boltz. Newson has done a great job as the back-up catcher this season for the team.
Bubba Reagan signed a three year deal with the Boltz. The Boltz are getting no where near the 4 mil that there paying him this season.
Walt Hayes signed a two year deal with the Boltz. Hayes has really struggled this season walking for batters then strikeouts and coming in from the bullpen that is a big problem for the team.

Team MVP: Phil Takada Takada has been the offensive leader for the team leading the team with homeruns, RBI’s and hits.

Team Best Pitcher: Mickey Collins Collins is having a career year with 45 saves and could be a great closer for the team in the future.

Team report: The Boltz management must have some magic dust stocked piled somewhere as they have allowed 71 more runs then scored and committed 133 errors on the season but they still have a winning record and still have a chance of winning the National League East.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Milwaukee Bucks– waydogg5
Team records
ML: 96-47 (Division Leader)
AAA: 65-78
AA: 61-82
HiA: 72-71
LowA: 73-70
Rookie: 50-26 (Division Winner)


ML team: A+ You can tell the Bucks are having a great year with opening a double digit lead in the National League North which is one of the toughest divisions to win in.

Minors: C Milwaukee’s minor league clubs are solid year all around. Even though the Rookie team was the only one to make the playoffs the rest of the teams where right around the .500 mark.


Player acquisitions: Nomar Ramirez signed a 2 year deal for Milwaukee. Ramirez is having a very good year for the Bucks coming off the bench with some spot starts here and there.

Team MVP: Danny Harding Harding is the big power threat in the lineup and he’s real close to having four straight 30 homerun and 30 stolen bases seasons.

Team Best Pitcher: Sidney Musial Musial is having a great year even at the age of 36 and has really been a great leader for the pitching staff this season

Team report: The goal this season for the Bucks was to win the National League North and make it deep into the playoffs, well the team can check off one of those goals already as I believe they will win the National League North and I guess will have to wait for the second goal. This season the pitching staff has really improved to help that great offensive and that has really made a deadly combination in the National League and could bring this team to the National League Championship game during the playoffs.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue


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