>Manager of the Year Award

>This is the beginning of a to find the USMLB Manager of the Year.
Manager of the Year Selection Criteria:
To clarify, “overall success” is not simply defined by wins and losses at the ML level, although that is part of it. For this discussion, we will define “overall success” as who has done the best from where they were at the beginning of the year to where they are now. Every team’s goals are different. So I’ll rate how each team is doing relative to what their goals are. For top teams, their goal is to contend for a championship this season. For some teams, this is a rebuilding year, and success at the top means much less than adding and developing young talent. So the manager reviews will factor in things like ML record, acquisition of talent, draft success, minor league records, and ML success relative to talent level.
Manager of the Year Voting:
There will be two rounds of voting. 1st round will occur this week and will pit all managers against one another in a four groups (Columbus and Philadelphia will not take part as there managers came in late). The top 2 in each group will move on to the next round as well as the top 2 voting teams that didn’t make it into the top two of there group. The Manager of the Year will be voted on during the playoffs. Everyone is welcome to vote based on whatever criteria they choose.
Debating, Campaigning, and Whining:
A short section will be generated about each team based on their success relative to the selection criteria. In the final voting a small section will tell what does managers have done for the league and there team to improve this season. Constructive discussion is encouraged. Whining is strictly prohibited.


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