>At the Halfway Mark: The NABCL Season 12 Power Rankings

>Using Vegas’ super-secret, pat. pend. statistical formula – so involved and dead on accurate that it would make Bill James wet his pants in envy — we rank the current NABCL franchises in order from 1 through 32. Actual ranking based on current record is also provided as is the ranking based on Exp Pct.

Top Underachievers: San Antonio, Charlotte, Seattle, Portland, Memphis, Vancouver

These teams are better than their records and should see improvement over the second half of the season.

Top Overachievers:
Fargo, San Diego, Iowa, Philadelphia, Cheyenne, Helena

These teams are playing over their heads and should come back to Earth before the season is complete.

1. San Antonio Missions (Viva the Puffy Taco) – frazzman80 (Act. 7, Exp. 6)

A team built on pitching and defense playing in a pitcher’s paradise. Hitting is slightly above average, which says alot playing in Nelson Wolff. Frazz is more than due to take the whole thing.

2. Sacramento Terrible Two’s – Save_Mr_X (Act. 4, Exp. 3)

Second verse, same as the first. SMX matches up almost exactly with Frazz, only he is slightly less due, having already won once.

3. Anaheim Natural Disasters – zackaryl (Act. 3, Exp. 1)

The best combination of hitting and pitching in the league and they place in less of a vast wasteland than San Antonio and Sacramento. Only the fielding is below average. Another owner well overdue to take it all.

4. Wichita ‘weed – oldave (Act. 6, Exp. 5)

Another pitcher’s park and another team built on strong pitching. Blessed with stronger hitting in the aggregate than San Antonio and Sacramento, though we think the ‘weed is more dependant on a smaller number of key players. Will oldave’s quirky approach get lost in translation to new owner tomjones?

5. Chicago Beast – bullet6464 (Act. 1, Exp. 4)

The most overall balanced high performer in either league with a murderer’s row of hitters playing in the friendly confines of Wrigley. Only the team speed disappoints. Still, despite how much bullett wants it, it remains to be seen if anyone can win a championship in Wrigley.

6. Fargo Roughriders – carpediem33 (Act. 2, Exp. 2)

The two-time and defending champions have BY FARGO the best hitting in the league, but all that lumber still has them behind last season’s record. The fielding is decent, but the pitching is only slightly above average. And what wins championships?

7. Louisville Legionnaires – mlhutch (Act. 8, Exp. 7)

The dream continues! The Legion is hitting the muddy crap out of the ball so far and the starting lineup is running on all cyclinders. Still, the pitching is only average, though Slugger Field doesn’t help. The NL version of the Roughriders, but we don’t know if the arms can get them through the playoffs.

8. Jacksonville Jackals – jose can u c (Act. 5, Exp. 8)

Clean living and clutch hitting — nothing else explains how the Jackals are playing this far above their heads. The pitching has been less than average but the bats and gloves keep picking them up. Look for the bottom to drop out soon.

9. Trenton Thrashers – tmf12 (Act. 9, Exp. 10)

Poised to make the biggest second half jump after some key pitching acquisitions, Trenton focused on the right need. The bats have come along nicely and the defense is good as it gets. With some arms on board, they should make a nice run.

10. Charlotte Queen’s Men – Erran (Act. 16, Exp. 17)

The Men have been playing well below their potential so far these season, so they better gird their loins. Pitching is the strength here, with a well balanced staff that does well in a neutral park. Good fielding helps too. Now if those bats could only get in gear.

11. Seattle Salty Dogs – donaldkey (Act. 17, Exp. 19)
12. Boise Hawks – mitchrapp (Act. 21, Exp. 12)
13. El Paso Ultraviolence – reaperpgh (Act. 13, Exp. 13)
14. Richmond Poor Men – mdonegan (Act. 12, Exp. 9)
15. San Diego Storm – davesanchez (Act. 11, Exp. 11)
16. Portland Jacks – dtrain34 (Act. 20, Exp. 24)
17. Iowa City Shuckers – sportznut11 (Act. 10, Exp. 14)
18. Kansas City Glasgow Kisses – iain (Act. 19, Exp. 22)
19. New Britain Block Heads – Verd (Act. 22, Exp.18 )
20. Memphis Maniax – gerald007 (Act. 24, Exp. 21)
21. Pawtucket Patriots – fletchkd (Act. 18, Exp. 23)
22. Vancouver Loonies – cosmicblob (Act. 26, Exp. 26)
23. Philadelphia Dead Milkmen – newarkwilder (Act. 15, Exp. 16)
24. Cheyenne Grizzlies – charlie22098 (Act. 14, Exp. 15)
25. Toronto Flare – keith1995 (Act. 28, Exp. 28)
26. Scottsdale Army of One – ck1909 (Act. 25, Exp. 25)
27. New Orleans Crawdads – wonka1 (Act. 30, Exp. 29)
28. Helena Misfits – rugrat (Act. 23, Exp. 20)
29. Boston Colonials – randallball (Act. 27, Exp. 27)
30. Washington D.C. Federals – Shalmelo (Act. 32, Exp. 32)
31. Norfolk Wingapos – yoker70 (Act. 31, Exp. 31)
32. Las Vegas Dust Devils – drutes (Act. 29, Exp. 30)


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4 Responses to >At the Halfway Mark: The NABCL Season 12 Power Rankings

  1. Jose says:

    >Quick note: the data is what the data is. But to further comment on what we expect to happen, Trenton should rise on the strength of recent pitching additions and the rudderless ship that is Wichita should drop out of the Top 10.

  2. Iain says:

    >Yay for being in the fat part of the bell curve!!

  3. bullet6464 says:

    >Tommy likee the continued disrespect paid to Chicago (check h2h with SA and Sac)..we needed a rallying cry for the second half; BC and the boys will take no prisoners!

  4. Jose says:

    >BC Parent? Didn’t he used to be an All-Star in this league or something? I was wondering what happened to him.

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