>American League South Preview

>Kansas City Bobcats (89-73)
After making the playoffs as a wildcard team the last two year, could the Bobcats final take the division title this season?

If it wasn’t for the Hitmen the Bobcats would win the division very easily this season but they will once again be a wildcard team this year.

Player to Watch:

Trout will be in the hunt for Rookie of the Year this season.

A word from the Coach:
The main goal this season for the Bobcats will be making it into the playoffs. Winning the division would be a goal, but is probably unrealistic with Houston probably having another 100+ win season. The biggest improvement this season will be team pitching. The young staff should continue to improve as they get more experience 86-76 is my prediction on the season and this record should keep us in the playoff hunt the whole year.

Outlook: The Bobcats have some good experienced hitters that can pound the ball all over the field and a young pitching staff that can make some mistake knowing that the offense will back them back. The Bobcats I think won’t have any problems making the playoffs this season but winning the division would be one of the biggest surprises of the season. I think the team will finish the season with a 92-70 record.

Jacksonville RAIDERS (67-95)

Last season the team had the biggest payroll and only got 67 wins, that’s 1.88 million dollars spent for every victory, so can the Raiders improve there record after another spending spree during the off-season this year?

There’s some good young players on the team but there’s also some bad contracts as well but the team will show a little bit of improvement but I don’t think a winning season will come again this season.

Player to Watch:

The Rookie of the Year Simmons is really expected to carry the offense this year after a great season.

A word from the Coach:

Outlook: The Raiders are prove that you can’t spend your way to a championship as they have a ton of money tied up in there players. The Raiders once again went into the free agent market to improve this team which I think a did a little but this team will once again have another losing season. I think the team will finish the season with a 75-87 record.

Houston Hitmen (108-54)

Could the Hitmen repeat as World Series Champions this year?

Well the Hitmen have a really great chance to repeat with the team they have put together this season but it’s very hard to repeat as champion.

Player to Watch:

The team is expecting some big things from there second year player this season.

A word from the Coach:
Well we would like to repeat as back to back champion. We really wanted to get some more offense during the off-season and with a couple trades I think we have done that. I think well get over 100 wins once again this season and another division championship as well.

Outlook:The Hitmen probably have one of the most balance team in the league. One night they could out score you then the next night when a close 1-0 game with there pitching staff. This team is still so young, that the Hitmen are looking to build a dynasty in Houston for a long time to come. I think the team will finish the season with a 105-57 record.

Durham Bulls (78-84)

After having there first losing season as a franchise can the Bulls rebound and get back into the title hunt this season?

The biggest problem for the Bulls last season was the pitching staff, where nothing seemed to go right. I think the team will back to the .500 mark but I don’t think they will challenge any team for a playoff spot this season.

Player to Watch:

Peavy was brought to the team to become a ace; instead he was a big bust last season. Maybe with less expectation this season he could see a improvement and help this team.

A word from the Coach:
After a tumultuous first year, owner George Steinhacker expects his team to make the playoffs this year. After four managers last year, Steinhacker hopes he’s found his manager in D. H. “Ironhead” Zimmer. Steinhacker was so furious at losing Nick Ball that he fired his junior partner Bill “Stumpy” Veeck as GM and hired Levi “Mickey” McPhail. Steinhacker expects great things this year from Brian Kim and Glen Matheson and has brought up Yannick Powell to add to an already powerful lineup. The Bulls believe Tony Harper and Esteban Polanco will stabilize a harried pitching staff. The Bulls also have not given up on Joaquin Ozuna and Ajax Peavy. Steinhacker one remaining goal in life is to stomp on his archrival and sensei goldie from the Monterrey Stars in the World Series.

I think with the offense that the Bulls will see improvement this season but the pitching staff will once again be there down fall as they really didn’t add any depth to the pitching staff during the off-season. I expect there to be a lot of high scoring games once again in Durham this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 81-81 record.


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