>National League South Preview

> Tampa Bay SSC OverTheHillGang (Charleston Gullah’s – 57-105)

Will the OverTheHillGang be even worse then last season or will they improve a little?

Well I don’t think the team will be as bad as last season but I don’t see there record improving all that much and probably will lose 100 games again.

Player to Watch:

Rapp was a Rule-5 Draft pick and could really help the team in his first big league season.

A word from the Coach:
We are rebuilding for the future. The next three years I want to rebuild thru the draft instead of free agency and get this team back to where it was a couple seasons ago.

Outlook:It’s going to be a long season in Tampa this year as the team will be bad. They have some young players but there at least a couple seasons away from helping the club but may be forced to play a little early just to help the team get through the season. I think the team will finish the season with a 60-102 record.

Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs (79-83)

The Groundhogs are beginning to get up there in age, so could this be there last shot of winning another World Series before they need to reload?

Well the team has never had the best record in the league and always seems to hover around the .500 mark which they will again this year, but if they can make the playoffs they could be dangerous.

Player to Watch:

This is the last season for Redman before he hits the free-agent market at the end of the season so he could have a big year.

A word from the Coach:
The Goal is to continue to improve the farm system and maybe compete for a playoff spot as well. Where really beginning to get some talent into the minor league system so it could a couple of season when teams really start to fear us.

Outlook: The Groundhogs will once again be around the .500 mark but I don’t see them making the playoffs as the National League as a lot of talent this year and 80 wins won’t get you to the playoffs. I think the team will finish the season with a 80-82 record.

Monterrey Stars (112-50)

Can not winning the World Series make this even better this season?

The Stars could really be dangerous as they have to be the favorites to not only win the National League but to win the World Series as well.

Player to Watch:

Don’t be surprised to see Valdes make it to the Major League club this season.

A word from the Coach:
We need continue to lock up the major league starters to long term deals, sign high quality FA role players to modest contracts and return to the World Series. We should bring back close to everyone to last seasons club, which should help us. We expect to win close to 110 victories and maybe more with a march to a World Series victory.

Outlook: The Stars have really built a dynasty in the USMLB and could really become a big rivalry with the Hitmen from the American League for a while. The Stars always seems to make the big trade they need to put there team over the top and expect the Stars to pull that off once again this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 112-50 record.

Jackson BlaZers (94-68)
Can the Blazers take back control of the National League South like they once did?

No the Blazers will not wrestle the division from the Stars but they should make the playoffs and become a very dangerous team in the playoffs once again.

Player to Watch:

Really look for Perry to become one of the best players in the National League this season.

A word from the Coach:
The goal as always is to win the World Series, but its getting harder & harder to get to the playoffs with so many good teams this season. Biggest improvement will be either our shortstop Greg Dunn or starting pitcher Stevie Anderson and they should really help the team this season. We should get around the 90 win mark once again as well. We really need to find a way to weaken the Stars lineup as they can really pound the ball.

The Blazers will once again see second place this season but will probably be the number one wildcard team going into the playoffs. Last season they almost one the National League as they proved that once you make it to the playoffs anything can happen, even beating the Stars three games to one. I think the team will finish the season with a 95-67 record.


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