>Power Rankings Week 5 (Season 7)


1. Houston Hitmen (59-27) (Previous Week – 1)(Points = 119.00)
The Hitmen remained in the top stop but the crowd behind them is really getting closer to taking the top spot away. The team went 11-8 during the week including going 2-2 against the Brave Vawts. The Hitmen for the season are scoring 6.59 runs per game, the best in the league, while giving up 4.52 runs per game.

2. Monterrey Stars (56-30) (Previous Week – 2)(Points = 114.80)
The Stars remained in the second spot and has very even closer to the top spot this week. The team went 13-7 including sweeping the Highlanders in Cincinnati. The Stars for the season is scoring 5.55 runs per game, while giving up 3.71 runs per game.

3. Milwaukee Bucks (57-29) (Previous Week – 3)(Points = 112.77)
The Bucks remained in the third spot this week but the team still has the best record in the National League. The team went 13-7 during the week including sweeping the Galaxy in Los Angeles. The Bucks for the season is scoring 6.26 runs per game while giving up 4.53 runs per game.

4. Atlanta Brave Vawts (56-30) (Previous Week – 4)(Points = 109.84)
The Brave Vawts remained in the fourth spot and is now within distance of the Hitmen for the top spot in the rankings and best record in the American League. The team went 16-4 during the week the best effort by any team during the week, with three out of his four losses coming against other teams in the top 10. The Brave Vawts for the season is scoring 5.31 runs per game while giving up 3.87 runs per game.

5. San Diego Mafia (53-33) (Previous Week – 6)(Points = 106.45)
The Mafia moved up one spot and hows jumped out to a seven game led in the American League West. The team went 15-5 during week including a nice 10 game winning streak. The Mafia for the season is scoring 6.24 runs per game while giving up 4.43 runs per game.


6. Los Angeles Galaxy (51-35) (Previous Week – 12)(Points = 73.19)
The Galaxy moved up six spots and after a one week absents from the top ten. The team went 12-7 duing the week finishing the week on a 8 game winning streak. The Galaxy for the season is scoring 5.44 runs per game while giving up 4.45 runs per game.

7. Cincinnati Highlanders (50-36) (Previous Week – 10)(Points = 66.27)
The Highlanders moved up three spots after spending and has the fourth best record in the American League. The team went 14-6 during the week including a eight game winning streak. The Highlanders for the season are scoring 5.59 runs per game while giving up 4.87 runs per game.


8. Ottawa Crawdaddies (49-37) (Previous Week – 15)(Points = 57.63)
The Crawdaddies moved up seven spots this week and is really beginning to run away in the American League North. The team went 10-9 during the week sweeping the Galaxy in Ottawa at the beginning of the week. The Crawdaddies for the season is scoring 5.02 runs per game while giving up 4.48 runs per game.

9. Jackson BlaZers (43-43) (Previous Week – 25)(Points = 39.67)
The Blazers moved up 16 spots this week and having two sweeps during the big jump in the rankings. The team went 15-5 during the week including having two six game winning streaks. The Blazers for the season is scoring 4.69 runs per game while giving up 4.50 runs per game.


10. New Britain Fisher Cats (47-39) (Previous Week – 14)(Points = 38.01)
The Fisher Cats moved up four spots entering the top 10 for the first time this season. The team went 11-9 during the week including ending the week on a five game winning streak. The Fisher Cats for the season is scoring 5.07 runs per game while giving up 5.00 runs per game.

11. Arizona Sting (46-40) (Previous Week – 11)(Points = 36.14)

12. Seattle Sundogs (44-42) (Previous Week – 16)(Points = 35.40)

13. Santa Cruz Timber Rattlers (44-42) (Previous Week – 5)(Points = 35.37)

14. Kansas City Bobcats (46-40) (Previous Week – 7)(Points = 32.64)

15. Anaheim Beefpound (44-42) (Previous Week – 8)(Points = 22.97)


16. Chicago Blackhawks (43-43) (Previous Week – 23)(Points = 15.92)

17. Dover Souls (43-43) (Previous Week – 17)(Points = 9.88)

18. Tacoma Pioneers (43-43) (Previous Week – 13)(Points = 4.99)

19. Portland Post Doctoral Fellows (39-47) (Previous Week – 19)(Points = 4.35)

20. St. Louis Cornerstone (37-49) (Previous Week – 20)(Points = .74)

21. Salem Gangstas (41-45) (Previous Week – 9)(Points = .60)


22. Boston Braves (38-48) (Previous Week – 26)(Points = -2.88)

23. Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs (38-48) (Previous Week – 18)(Points = -7.73)

24. New York Fighting Molars (37-49) (Previous Week – 21)(Points = -18.12)

25. Toledo Mud Hens (38-48) (Previous Week – 24)(Points = -18.46)


26. Washington D.C. Obama’s (39-47) (Previous Week – 28)(Points = -23.18)

27. Tampa Bay SSC OverTheHillGang (34-52) (Previous Week – 29)(Points = -32.57)

28. Durham Bulls (35-51) (Previous Week – 22)(Points = -36.93)


29. Scranton Beet Farmer (30-56) (Previous Week – 27)(Points = -45.36)

30. Philadelphia HeadHunters (33-53) (Previous Week – 31)(Points = -49.80)

31. Jacksonville RAIDERS (34-52) (Previous Week – 32)(Points = -50.02)

32. Minnesota Milfoils (29-57) (Previous Week – 30)(Points = -72.67)


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