>#32 Always Waiting for Next Season

Jacksonville Raiders

Painful is the one word that describes the Jacksonville Raiders during the last seven years. The team has never posted a winning season, finishing in last place in the American League South for the last six years and losing over 100 games in three seasons.

The total winning percentage for the Raiders is .383 (434 victories and 700 losses). The most wins in a single season was 75, during the first season and the only one not in the cellar; the most losses in a season is 113 (the third highest in league history).

Deerhunter is entering his sixth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 294-516 record for a .363 winning percentage. The fans in Jacksonville have been very patient with this team so far. Only time will tell how long the fans’ patience will last before they get to see a winning season.

Future Outlook: Slightly Better

Playoff Appearance: None
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 1
Awards: 3 Silver Sluggers/ 1 Gold Glove

All Jacksonville Raiders Team

Catcher: Eric West (.320Ave, 55HR, 167RBI, 151Runs, .602SLG)
First Base: Carl Shave (.282Ave, 145HR, 527RBI, 529Runs, .350OBP)
Second Base: Frank Simmons (.277Ave, 64HR, 208RBI, 199Runs, .545SLG)
Third Base: Bosco Campbell (.257Ave, 305HR, 772RBI, 569Runs, .537SLG)
Shortstop: Zeus Glover (.280Ave, 83HR, 317RBI, 296Runs, 32SB)
Left Field: Joshua Sedlacek (.268Ave, 114HR, 356RBI, 367Runs, 52SB)
Center Field: John Torres (.262Ave, 18HR, 95RBI, 136Runs, 51SB)
Right Field: Tom Saberhagen (.270, 77HR, 287RBI, 303Runs, 67SB)
Designated Hitter: Vin McGee (.250Ave, 81HR, 181RBI, 155Runs, .494SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Elston Long (4.83ERA, 63-74 Record, 832SO, 1146.7IP, 1.52WHIP)
Reliever: George Robinson (5.18ERA, 90-108 Save Chances, 125SO, 1.58WHIP)

Career Records
At Bats: Bosco Campbell – 3814
Games Played: Bosco Campbell – 981
Runs: Bosco Campbell – 569
Hits: Carl Shave – 1023
Doubles: Carl Shave – 207
Triples: Carl Shave – 20
Homeruns: Bosco Campbell – 305
Runs Batted In: Bosco Campbell – 772
Walks: Carl Shave – 356
Stolen Bases: Pat Rhodes – 198
Batting Average: Carl Shave – .282
On-Base Percentage: Carl Shave – .350
Slugging Percentage: Bosco Campbell – .537

Games: Travis DeRosa – 250
Games Started: Elston Long – 163
Complete Games: Elston Long – 9
Shutouts: Four tied at 1
Wins: Elston Long – 63
Losses: Elston Long – 74
Saves: George Robinson – 90
Innings Pitched: Elston Long – 1146.7
Strikeouts: Elston Long – 832
WHIP: P.T. Bolton – 1.42
Earned Run Average: P.T. Bolton – 4.67

Single Season Records:

At Bats: Zeus Glover – 673 (season 5)
Runs: Bosco Campbell – 120 (season 2)
Hits: Bosco Campbell – 189 (season 2)/ Carl Shave (season 5&6)
Doubles: Frank Simmons – 44 (season 6)
Triples: Pat Rhodes – 11 (season 6)
Homeruns: Bosco Campbell – 64 (season 2)
Runs Batted In: Bosco Campbell – 157 (season 2)
Walks: Frank Simmons – 111 (season 6)
Stolen Bases: Marty Bloomquist – 71 (season 2)
Batting Average: Erik West – .332 (season 1)
On-Base Percentage: Frank Simmons – .407 (season 6)
Slugging Percentage: Bosco Campbell – .645 (season 2)

Games: Edgardo Sivilla – 65 (season 5)
Games Started: Elston Long – 33 (season 2)
Complete Games: Bubba Mattingly – 4 (season 6)
Shutouts: Five tied at 1
Wins: P.T. Bolton -14 (Season 7)
Losses: Jim Boyd – 22 (season 3)
Saves: George Robinson – 28 (season 4)
Innings Pitched: P.T. Bolton – 229 (season 6)
Strikeouts: P.T. Bolton – 176 (season 7)
WHIP: Elston Long – 1.30 (season 3)
Earned Run Average: Elston Long – 3.96 (season 3)


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