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Boston Braves

“Last place” has become the unofficial nickname for the Boston Braves for the last seven seasons. The team has only posted one winning season, finishing in last place in the American League East for the last five years out of a total six. They are tied for the most last place finishes in the league and for losing over 100 games in one season.

The total percentage of wins for the Braves is .445 (505 victories and 629 losses). The most wins in a single season was 84 during season 2. They have only one winning season with the most losses in a season being 101 during season 5.

Warswics is entering his fifth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 271-377 record for a .418 winning percentage. The fans in Boston have been blasting Warswics during the off-season as they have expected to see his team challenge for a playoff spot by now.

Future Outlook: Slightly Better

Playoff Appearance: None
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 6
Awards: 4 Silver Sluggers/ 4 Gold Gloves

All Boston Braves Team

Catcher: Brendan Norton (.257Ave, 26HR, 148RBI, 136R, .377SLG)
First Base: Chad Nathan (.287Ave, 100HR, 395RBI, 352R, .506SLG)
Second Base: Santos Alvarez (.272Ave, 0HR, 90RBI, 172R, 60SB)
Third Base: Rich Hale (.301Ave, 117HR, 460RBI, 287R, 109SB)
Shortstop: Louie Terrero (.258Ave, 70HR, 261RBI, 257R, .455SLG)
Left Field: Ben Donahue (.264Ave, 46HR, 216RBI, 204R, .422SLG)
Center Field: Mandy Adams (.270Ave, 9HR, 99RBI, 154R, 72SB)
Right Field: Mike Baxter (.278Ave, 53HR, 264RBI, 287R, .338OBP)
Designated Hitter: Russell Van Pelt (.286Ave, 72HR, 236RBI, 206R, .509SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Eddie Drew (5.01ERA, 60-77 Record, 976SO, 1.48WHIP)
Reliever: Pascual Padilla (4.85ERA, 60-81 Save Chances, 409SO, 1.50WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Rich Hale – 2762
Games Played: Rich Hale – 701
Runs: Rich Hale – 548
Hits: Rich Hale – 832
Doubles: Rich Hale – 183
Triples: Rich Hale – 28
Homeruns: Rich Hale – 117
Runs Batted In: Rich Hale – 460
Walks: Rich Hale – 402
Stolen Bases: Lonny Hughes – 119
Batting Average: Rich Hale – .309
On-Base Percentage: Rich Hale – .395
Slugging Percentage: Rich Hale – .515

Games: Pascual Padilla – 406
Games Started: Eddie Drew – 190
Complete Games: Eddie Drew – 7
Shutouts: Sean Pierce – 1/ Howard Fowler – 1
Wins: Roy Van Hatten – 65
Losses: Eddie Drew – 77
Saves: Pascual Padilla – 60
Innings Pitched: Roy Van Hatten – 1246.9
Strikeouts: Eddie Drew – 976
WHIP: Roy Van Hatten – 1.48/ Eddie Drew 1.48
Earned Run Average: Roy Van Hatten – 4.78

Single Season Records
At Bats: Tommy Crede – 665 (season 4)
Runs: Lonny Hughes – 155 (season 2)
Hits: Lonny Hughes – 207 (season 2)
Doubles: Lonny Hughes – 57 (season 2)
Triples: Rich Hale – 9 (season 1)
Homeruns: Mark Phillips – 59 (season 1)
Runs Batted In: Mark Phillips – 161 (season 1)
Walks: Rich Hale – 101 (season 1)
Stolen Bases: Lonny Hughes – 60 (season 2)
Batting Average: Lonny Hughes – .365 (season 4)
On-Base Percentage: Rich Hale – .439 (season 2)
Slugging Percentage: Mark Phillips – .695 (season 1)

Games: Pascual Padilla – 82 (season 2)
Games Started: Five tied at 35
Complete Games: Eddie Drew – 4 (season 2)
Shutouts: Sean Pierce – 1 (season 1)/ Howard Fowler – 1 (season 7)
Wins: Lance Morton – 16 (Season 2)
Losses: Eddie Drew – 20 (season 6)/ Tommy Jenkins – 20 (season 7)
Saves: Stephen Mayer – 34 (season 2)
Innings Pitched: Eddie Drew – 225.3 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Eddie Drew – 183 (season 2)
WHIP: Pablo Alfonzo – 1.23 (season 7)
Earned Run Average: Pablo Alfonzo – 3.30 (season 7)


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