>#29 The Sun Never Shines in Seattle


Seattle Rain Men
The Rain Men have been sloshing through the mud during the last seven seasons, never really improving. The franchise looked like it was moving in the right direction during season six posting their first winning season, but soon fell back to earth last season posting their sixth losing season overall. You will probably see a couple more losing seasons before the team is able to deliver a winning season again.

The total percentage of wins for the Rain Men is .452 (513 victories and 621 losses). The most wins in a single season was 85 during season six. The most losses in a season being 94 during season five.

Eric9930 is entering his second season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 71-91 record; but he has a total overall record of 315-333 with a winning percentage of .486 due to his management of the Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs for three seasons before leaving to take a short absence from the league. Eric9930 received a World Series ring during season three with the Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs; and the fans in Seattle are anxious to see if he can deliver a championship banner in their city.

Future Outlook: Slightly Better

Playoff Appearance: None
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 6
Awards: 2 Silver Sluggers/ 4 Gold Gloves

All Seattle Rain Men Team

Catcher: Todd Griffin (.290Ave, 93HR, 322RBI, 265R, .481SLG)
First Base: Junior DeRojas (.301Ave, 2HR, 71RBI, 140R, 59SB)
Second Base: Victor Cruz (.282Ave, 43HR, 220RBI, 204R, .465SLG)
Third Base: Woody Garcia (.262Ave, 136HR, 313RBI, 230R, .552SLG)
Shortstop: Che Yamamoto (.251Ave, 46HR, 198RBI, 217R, .323OBP)
Left Field: Danny Smith (.304Ave, 0HR, 82RBI, 234R, 120SB)
Center Field: Haywood Matthews (.285Ave, 51HR, 206RBI, 251R, .339OBP)
Right Field: Jim Wilkinson (.264Ave, 206HR, 591RBI, 515R, .488SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Carmine Taft (3.15ERA, 22-20 Record, 400.1IP, 382SO, 1.23WHIP)
Reliever: Ryan Bando (3.23ERA, 102-121 Save Chances, 416 SO, 1.25WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Jim Wilkinson – 3590
Games Played: Jim Wilkinson – 1015
Runs: Jim Wilkinson – 515
Hits: Jim Wilkinson – 946
Doubles: Jim Wilkinson – 167
Triples: Jim Wilkinson – 11
Homeruns: Jim Wilkinson – 206
Runs Batted In: Jim Wilkinson – 591
Walks: Jim Wilkinson – 297
Stolen Bases: Damion Wilson – 134
Batting Average: Jim Wilkinson – .264
On-Base Percentage: Jim Wilkinson – .320
Slugging Percentage: Jim Wilkinson – .488

Games: Ryan Bando – 427
Games Started: Midre Torres – 102
Complete Games: Midre Torres – 10
Shutouts: Midre Torres – 5
Wins: Ryan Bando – 35
Losses: Midre Torres – 38
Saves: Ryan Bando – 102
Innings Pitched: Midre Torres – 671.5
Strikeouts: Midre Torres – 468
WHIP: None Qualified
Earned Run Average: None Qualified

Single Season Records
At Bats: Damion Wilson- 672 (season 6)
Runs: Victor Cruz – 125 (season 6)
Hits: Jim Wilkinson – 204 (season 6)
Doubles: Victor Cruz – 56 (season 6)
Triples: Victor Cruz – 9 (season 6)
Homeruns: Woody Garcia – 54 (season 2)
Runs Batted In: Victor Cruz – 140 (season 6)/ Jim Wilkinson – 140 (season 6)
Walks: Danny Smith – 109 (season 6)
Stolen Bases: Khoury Glass – 80 (season 4)
Batting Average: Danny Smith – .336 (season 6)
On-Base Percentage: Danny Smith – .447 (season 6)
Slugging Percentage: Woody Garcia – .632 (season 2)

Games: Freddie Davis – 84 (season 7)
Games Started: Five tied at 33
Complete Games: Midre Torres – 5 (season 2)
Shutouts: Midre Torres – 3 (season 2)
Wins: Trent Diggins – 12 (season 6)
Losses: Julian Ingram – 16 (season 3)/ Don Carlyle – 16 (season 5)
Saves: Ernie Torres – 39 (season 1)
Innings Pitched: Carmine Taft – 222.1 (season 3)
Strikeouts: Carmine Taft – 206 (season 3)
WHIP: Carmine Taft – 1.22 (season 3)

Earned Run Average: Rabbit Kennedy – 3.61 (season 7)/ Troy Bolton – 3.61 (season 7)

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