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Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

The Portland Post Doctoral Fellows started near the bottom of the American League West during their first three seasons but pulled together a miracle playoff run during season four. The Post Doctoral Fellows have really seemed to turn the corner after two horrible seasons at the bottom of the division. Big expectations are now in order for the team after posting their second winning season last year.

The total percentage of wins for the Post Doctoral Fellows is .451 (512 victories and 622 losses). The most wins in a single season was 84 during season seven. The most losses in a season were 98 during season two and six.

Joshuam is entering his second season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 84-78 record for a .519 winning percentage. Joshuam got the Post Doctoral Fellows to their second winning season last year and delivered the most wins in franchise history. The fans in Portland are really looking forward to the team fighting for a playoff spot this season.

Future Outlook: Better

Playoff Appearance: 1
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 4
Awards: 1 ROY/ 1 Silver Slugger/ 6 Gold Gloves

All Portland Post Doctoral Fellows Team

Catcher: Eddie Bass (.278Ave, 25HR, 122RBI, 130R, .341OBP)
First Base: Santiago Mesa (.313Ave, 103HR, 319RBI, 274R, .530SLG)
Second Base: Pedro Sanchez (.279Ave, 74HR, 234RBI, 192R, .539SLG)
Third Base: Edgar Seguignol (.284Ave, 40HR, 190RBI, 201R, .435SLG)
Shortstop: Eli Guerrero (.278Ave, 42HR, 191RBI, 235R, .425SLG)
Left Field: Carmen Garcia (.314Ave, 167HR, 676RBI, 626R, .526SLG)
Center Field: Lewis Shouse (.274Ave, 99HR, 412RBI, 437R, .451SLG)
Right Field: Emmanuel Carrasco (.252Ave, 21HR, 145RBI, 247R, 106SB)
Designated Hitter: Adrian Duncan (.291Ave, 153HR, 478RBI, 415R, .533SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Eddie Serrano (4.49ERA, 44-42 Record, 694.2IP, 472SO, 1.46WHIP)
Reliever: Edgar Perez (5.34ERA, 11-14 Save Chances, 573SO, 1.51WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Carmen Garcia – 3729
Games Played: Carmen Garcia – 929
Runs: Carmen Garcia – 626
Hits: Carmen Garcia – 1171
Doubles: Carmen Garcia – 242
Triples: Carmen Garcia – 23
Homeruns: Carmen Garcia – 167
Runs Batted In: Carmen Garcia – 676
Walks: Carmen Garcia – 390
Stolen Bases: Irv Jensen – 111
Batting Average: Carmen Garcia – .314
On-Base Percentage: Carmen Garcia – .379
Slugging Percentage: Adrian Duncan – .533

Games: Edgar Perez – 210
Games Started: Eddie Serrano – 133
Complete Games: Rip Brown – 5
Shutouts: None
Wins: Edgar Perez – 48
Losses: Edgar Perez ā€“ 51
Saves: Louie Gibson – 64
Innings Pitched: Rip Brown ā€“ 787.3
Strikeouts: Edgar Perez – 573
WHIP: None Qualified
Earned Run Average: None Qualified

Single Season Records
At Bats: Santiago Mesa – 662 (season 6)
Runs: Irv Jensen – 128 (season 2)
Hits: Santiago Mesa – 215 (season 6)
Doubles: Irv Jensen – 49 (season 2)
Triples: Emmanuel Carrasco – 8 (season 3)/ Lewis Shouse – 8 (season 5)
Homeruns: Adrian Duncan – 53 (season 3)
Runs Batted In: Adrian Duncan – 151 (season 3)
Walks: Adrian Duncan – 90 (season 3)
Stolen Bases: Emmanuel Carrasco – 69 (season 3)
Batting Average: Carmen Garcia – .354 (season 6)
On-Base Percentage: Eric Cross – .430 (season 4)
Slugging Percentage: Carmen Garcia – .609 (season 6)

Games: Denny Pavano – 82 (season 2)
Games Started: Joaquin Diaz – 38 (season 4 & 5)
Complete Games: Rip Brown – 3 (season 2)
Shutouts: None
Wins: Eddie Serrano – 16 (season 4)
Losses: Rip Brown – 17 (season 2 & 4)
Saves: Louie Gibson – 38 (season 3)
Innings Pitched: Michael Dickey – 217.0 (season 7)
Strikeouts: Joaquin Diaz – 161 (season 5)
WHIP: Eddie Serrano – 1.21 (season 7)
Earned Run Average: Earl Malone – 3.47 (season 7)

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