>#27 Waiting for the crop to Grow


Scranton Beet Farmer’s

The Beet Farmer’s is the second team never to have posted a winning record in the league but one of the most amazing things about that run is that the ream has never had a 100 loss season. Also the Beet Farmer’s have only finished in the bottom of the division once. This team has really just been a below average team every season so far.

The total percentage of wins for the Beet Farmer’s is .445 (505 victories and 629 losses). The most wins in a single season was 79 during season six. The most losses in a season being 97 during season seven.

Aa12on is entering his sixth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 354-456 record for a .437 winning percentage. Aa12on has done a good job of finding offense talent but has really struggled to find the pitchers to give the team a chance at a winning record. The team has a 5.55 team ERA since he’s taken over the team but has scored more then five runs a game during that same time.

Future Outlook: Neutral

Playoff Appearance: None
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 5
Awards: 1 ROY/ 1 Silver Slugger/ 5 Gold Gloves

All Scranton Beet Farmer’s Team

Catcher: Elvis Zentmeyer (.253Ave, 45HR, 165RBI, 132R, .423SLG)
First Base: Adam Thomas (.322Ave, 86HR, 316RBI, 301R, .525SLG)
Second Base: Dwight Hennessey (.275Ave, 134HR, 433RBI, 388R, .489SLG)
Third Base: Angel James (.306Ave, 103HR, 367RBI, 291R, .524SLG)
Shortstop: Eddie Erstad (.281Ave, 28HR, 305RBI, 353R, .342OBP)
Left Field: Matthew Small (.298Ave, 28HR, 129RBI, 136R, .457SLG)
Center Field: Javy Espada (.294Ave, 23HR, 123RBI, 129R, .433SLG)
Right Field: Phil Shigetoshi (.292Ave, 111HR, 466RBI, 555R, 161SB)
Designated Hitter: Dean Clark (.300Ave, 85HR, 383RBI, 328R, .475SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Steve McIntyre (4.66ERA, 61-49 Record, 1004.5IP, 770SO, 1.40WHIP)
Reliever: Che Jiang (4.08ERA, 73-80 Save Chances, 97SO, 133G, 1.38WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Phil Shigetoshi – 3285
Games Played: Eddie Erstad – 927
Runs: Phil Shigetoshi – 555
Hits: Phil Shigetoshi – 960
Doubles: Phil Shigetoshi – 183
Triples: Phil Shigetoshi – 21
Homeruns: Dwight Hennessey – 134
Runs Batted In: Phil Shigetoshi – 466
Walks: Marc Rivera – 486
Stolen Bases: Walter Hatcher – 185
Batting Average: Phil Shigetoshi – .292
On-Base Percentage: Marc Rivera – .409
Slugging Percentage: Dwight Hennessey – .489

Games: Geronimo Lima – 214
Games Started: Steve McIntyre – 147
Complete Games: Carter Wise – 7
Shutouts: Carter Wise – 2
Wins: Steve McIntyre – 61
Losses: Steve McIntyre – 49
Saves: Che Jiang – 73
Innings Pitched: Steve McIntyre – 1004.5
Strikeouts: Steve McIntyre – 770
WHIP: Steve McIntyre – 1.40
Earned Run Average: Steve McIntyre – 4.66

Single Season Records

At Bats: Phil Shigetoshi – 673 (season 3)
Runs: Phil Shigetoshi – 124 (season 3)
Hits: Phil Shigetoshi – 222 (season 3)
Doubles: Phil Shigetoshi – 41 (season 3)
Triples: Phil Shigetoshi – 8 (season 3)
Homeruns: Edgard Maradona – 47 (season 6)
Runs Batted In: Vicente Domingo – 143 (season 4)
Walks: Adam Thomas – 115 (season 6)
Stolen Bases: Walter Hatcher – 82 (season 3)
Batting Average: Angel James – .346 (season 3)
On-Base Percentage: Adam Thomas – .439 (season 5)
Slugging Percentage: Angel James – .586 (season 3)

Games: Sammy Beltran – 77 (season 4)
Games Started: Alex Vizquel – 37 (season 3)/ Carter Wise – 37 (season 3)
Complete Games: Carter Wise – 3 (season 1)/ Vic Stewart – 3 (season 5)
Shutouts: J.J. Petrick – 1 (season 1)/ Carter Wise – 1 (season 2&4)
Wins: Steve McIntyre – 14 (season 4)
Losses: Vic Stewart – 17 (season 5)
Saves: Che Jiang – 34 (season 4&5)
Innings Pitched: Carter Wise – 228.3 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Carter Wise – 169 (season 2)
WHIP: Carter Wise – 1.31 (season 2)
Earned Run Average: Carter Wise – 3.98 (season 2)

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2 Responses to >#27 Waiting for the crop to Grow

  1. Aaron says:

    >Nice work Tom, but future outlook of Neutral….I couldn't disagree more. If I don't post a winning record or make a playoff appearance in the next 2 seasons I would be shocked.

  2. Aaron says:

    >Nice work Tom, but future outlook of Neutral….I couldn't disagree more. If I don't post a winning record or make a playoff appearance in the next 2 seasons I would be shocked.

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