>#20 Breaking the Glass Ceiling


Toledo Mudhens

The Mudhens started out very hot in the league during their first two seasons and then fell on some hard times after that. The team has only had two winning seasons during the last five seasons but playing in the National League East they have chance to win the division just about every season.

The total percentage of wins for the Mudhens is .482 (547 victories and 587losses). The most wins in a single season was 95 during season five. The most losses in a season being 105 during season three.

Cold_Beer is entering his second season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 70-92 record for a .432 winning percentage. Cold_Beer is really in the beginning process of rebuilding the team. It might take a couple years to get away from a couple of bad contracts before the fans in Toledo begin to see the team turn around.

Future Outlook: Remaining the same

Playoff Appearance: Two
Division Championship: One
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 9
Awards: 1 Fireman of the Year/ 1 Silver Slugger/ 2 Gold Gloves

All Toledo Mudhens Team

Catcher: Max Dodd (.269Ave, 34HR, 171RBI, 159R, .366OBP)
First Base: Lonny Hughes (.321Ave, 37HR, 142RBI, 209R, .501SLG)
Second Base: Geraldo Santana (.279Ave, 32HR, 166RBI, 213R, .366OBP)
Third Base: Pedro Cabrera (.268Ave, 146HR, 485RBI, 439R, .465SLG)
Shortstop: Sidney Gordon (.271Ave, 90HR, 245RBI, 195R, .527SLG)
Left Field: Chief Martin (.290Ave, 152HR, 437RBI, 349R, .582SLG)
Center Field: Victor Santiago (.322Ave, 37HR, 234RBI, 305R, .382OBP)
Right Field: P.T. Martinez (.296Ave, 68HR, 259RBI, 233R, .485SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Benjamin Ross (4.02ERA, 48-42 Record, 784.3IP, 617SO, 1.34WHIP)
Reliever: Daniel Strickland (3.98ERA, 11-18 Save Chances, 219G, 555SO, 1.16WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Pedro Cabrera – 3201
Games Played: Pedro Cabrera – 916
Runs: Pedro Cabrera – 439
Hits: Pedro Cabrera – 860
Doubles: Pedro Cabrera – 174
Triples: Chief Martin – 18
Homeruns: Chief Martin – 152
Runs Batted In: Pedro Cabrera – 485
Walks: Pedro Cabrera – 300
Stolen Bases: Banana Rupe – 51
Batting Average: Pedro Cabrera – .268
On-Base Percentage: Pedro Cabrera – .335
Slugging Percentage: Pedro Cabrera – .465

Games: Willie Cordero – 287
Games Started: Benjamin Ross – 138
Complete Games: Carmine Taft – 5
Shutouts: Jolbert Chavez – 4
Wins: Benjamin Ross – 48
Losses: Harry Blanco – 43
Saves: Christopher Newhan – 69
Innings Pitched: Walt Davenport – 787.5
Strikeouts: Benjamin Ross – 617
WHIP: None Qualified
Earned Run Average: None Qualified

Single Season Records

At-Bats: Victor Santiago – 632 (season 5)
Runs: Victor Santiago – 124 (season 5)
Hits: Victor Santiago – 220 (season 5)
Doubles: Pedro Cabrera – 40 (season 7)
Triples: Chief Martin – 9 (season 7)
Homeruns: Todd Borkowski – 53 (season 1)
Runs Batted In: Chief Martin – 147 (season 5)
Walks: Tommie Romero – 82 (season 1&2)/ Banana Rupe – 82 (season 2)
Stolen Bases: Carlos Mairena – 43 (season 4)
Batting Average: Victor Santiago – .348 (season 5)
On-Base Percentage: Lonny Hughes – .406 (season 6)
Slugging Percentage: Todd Borkowski – .636 (season 1)

Games: Christopher Newhan – 76 (season 2)
Games Started: Walt Cortes – 34 (season 5)
Complete Games: Emmanuel Navarro – 5 (season 1)
Shutouts: Jolbert Chavez – 4 (season 1)
Wins: Harry Blanco – 18 (season 5)
Losses: Walt Cortes – 16 (season 7)
Saves: Christopher Newhan – 49 (season 2)
Innings Pitched: Carmine Taft – 240.7 (season 1)
Strikeouts: Carmine Taft – 209 (season 1)
WHIP: Carmine Taft – 1.18 (season 2)
Earned Run Average: Carmine Taft – 3.13 (season 2)/ Vin Bryne – 3.13 (season 7)


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