>#19 Trying to return to the Glory Days

Philadelphia HeadHunters

The HeadHunters started has one of the elite teams in the league during their first three seasons. The team even won there only World Series title during season three but has really fallen on hard times since then. The team has only gone 255-393 since winning the World Series, placing fourth place in the National League North every season since. The team is showed be improving real soon with the influx of young talent coming through the organization.

The total percentage of wins for the HeadHunters is .459 (520 victories and 614 losses). The most wins in a single season was 93 during season three. The most losses in a season being 114 during season six.

Fritz44 is entering his third season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 113-211 record for a .348 winning percentage. Fritz44 can’t really be blamed for the problems the HeadHunters where having problems winning games before he arrived. The fans though are very excited about him turning the team around and heading back to the World Series again.

Future Outlook: Improving

Playoff Appearance: Two
Division Championship: One
World Series Victory: One
All-Stars: 6
Awards: 1 Cy Young/ 2 Silver Slugger/ 2 Gold Gloves

All Philadelphia HeadHunters Team

Catcher: Endy Hemingway (.263Ave, 23HR, 220RBI, 234R, .334OBP)
First Base: Rudy Adams (.238Ave, 72HR, 175RBI, 108R, .550SLG)
Second Base: Matt Corey (.304Ave, 40HR, 227RBI, 377R, 139SB)
Third Base: Nomar Kirby (.305Ave, 72HR, 367RBI, 353R, .455SLG)
Shortstop: Clem Barkley (.277Ave, 68HR, 216RBI, 212R, .465SLG)
Left Field: Chris Murphy (.285Ave, 93HR, 303RBI, 284R, .521SLG)
Center Field: Khoury Glass (.260Ave, 26HR, 110RBI, 205R, 116SB)
Right Field: R.A. Donovan (.253Ave, 49HR, 169RBI, 122R, .430SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Raymond Pavlov (3.19ERA, 56-28 Record, 755.7IP, 575SO, 1.19WHIP)
Reliever: Roger Newfield (4.37ERA, 162-193 Save Chances, 251G, 203SO, 1.50WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Endy Hemingway – 2538
Games Played: Roy Lansing – 977
Runs: Matt Corey – 377
Hits: Nomar Kirby – 738
Doubles: Nomar Kirby – 121
Triples: Matt Corey – 28
Homeruns: Chris Murphy – 93
Runs Batted In: Nomar Kirby – 367
Walks: Matt Corey – 271
Stolen Bases: Matt Corey – 139
Batting Average: Nomar Kirby – .305
On-Base Percentage: Nomar Kirby – .364
Slugging Percentage: Nomar Kirby – .455

Games: Hal Whitman – 290
Games Started: Dickie Wells – 120
Complete Games: Dickie Wells – 5
Shutouts: Raymond Pavlov – 2/ Luis Encarnacion – 2
Wins: Raymond Pavlov – 56
Losses: Dickie Wells – 47
Saves: Roger Newfield – 162
Innings Pitched: Raymond Pavlov – 755.7
Strikeouts: Raymond Pavlov – 575
WHIP: None Qualified
Earned Run Average: None Qualified

Single Season Records

At Bats: Heath Fitzgerald – 689 (season 2)
Runs: Matt Corey – 127 (season 4)
Hits: Cookie Valdes – 217 (season 3)
Doubles: Sammy Aguilar – 40 (season 6)
Triples: Matt Corey – 11 (season 6)
Homeruns: Rudy Adams – 55 (season 7)
Runs Batted In: Rudy Adams – 137 (season 7)
Walks: Matt Corey – 82 (season 4)
Stolen Bases: Vinny May – 79 (season 7)
Batting Average: Cookie Valdes – .359 (season 3)
On-Base Percentage: Cookie Valdes – .418 (season 3)
Slugging Percentage: Roberto Gonzalez – .547 (season 6)

Games: C.J. Duffy – 91 (season 6)
Games Started: Dickie Wells – 39 (season 6)
Complete Games: Luis Encarnacion – 2 (season 1)/ Dickie Wells – 2 (season 5)
Shutouts: Luis Encarnacion – 2 (season 1)
Wins: Raymond Pavlov – 19 (season 3)
Losses: Dickie Wells – 18 (season 6)
Saves: Roger Newfield – 49 (season 3)
Innings Pitched: Dickie Wells – 229.2 (season 7)
Strikeouts: Dickie Wells – 170 (season 7)
WHIP: Raymond Pavlov – 1.07 (season 3)
Earned Run Average: Frank Nakamura – 2.59 (season 2)


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