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Burlington Bombers

The Bombers have been able to stay consistent through out there history, even with the influx of different managers each season. The team has only won one American League North Division crown and on the flip side they have only been in last place once. I think this season all the different managers will finally catch up to them and a rebuilding season looks to be under way.

The total percentage of wins for the Bombers is .479 (543 victories and 591 losses). The most wins in a single season was 87 during season four. The most losses in a season being 97 during season three.

Brooklynpunx is entering his first season as the general manger of the franchise. Brooklynpunx has never managed a team before so it would be interesting to see if where he can take this team

Future Outlook: Rebuilding

Playoff Appearance: Three
Division Championship: One
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 5
Awards: 2 Silver Slugger/ 5 Gold Gloves

All Burlington Bombers Team

Catcher: Peter Holmes (.269Ave, 131HR, 374RBI, 300R, .521SLG)
First Base: Tim Perry (.285Ave, 62HR, 212RBI, 199R, .500SLG)
Second Base: Germany Hitchcock (.302Ave, 47HR, 209RBI, 298R, .457SLG)
Third Base: Hooks Gagne (.269Ave, 39HR, 191RBI, 196R, .341OBP)
Shortstop: Ken Lincoln (.295Ave, 107HR, 378RBI, 328R, .519SLG)
Left Field: Omar Ferrer (.287Ave, 14HR, 161RBI, 235R, 124SB)
Center Field: Tommy Mientkiewicz (.277Ave, 60HR, 326RBI, 346R, 103SB)
Right Field: Rich Blue (.286Ave, 0HR, 190RBI, 360R, 247SB)
Designated Hitter: Tony Rodriguez (.293Ave, 57HR, 306RBI, 321R, .447SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Cesar Delgado (4.72ERA, 72-65 Record, 1192.8IP, 963SO, 1.39WHIP)
Reliever: Wayne Bard (3.87ERA, 92-114 Save Chances, 220G, 135SO, 1.20WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Tommy Mientkiewicz – 2352
Games Played: Tommy Mientkiewicz – 599
Runs: Rich Blue – 360
Hits: Tommy Mientkiewicz – 652
Doubles: Tommy Mientkiewicz – 124
Triples: Rich Blue – 25
Homeruns: Peter Holmes – 121
Runs Batted In: Ken Lincoln – 378
Walks: Tommy Mientkiewicz – 223
Stolen Bases: Rich Blue – 247
Batting Average: Tommy Mientkiewicz – .277
On-Base Percentage: Tommy Mientkiewicz – .347
Slugging Percentage: Tommy Mientkiewicz – .427

Games: Vin Bryne – 252
Games Started: Cesar Delgado – 198
Complete Games: Michael Dickey – 12
Shutouts: Michael Dickey – 6
Wins: Cesar Delgado – 72
Losses: Cesar Delgado – 65
Saves: Wayne Bard – 92
Innings Pitched: Cesar Delgado – 1192.8
Strikeouts: Cesar Delgado – 963
WHIP: Cesar Delgado – 1.39
Earned Run Average: Cesar Delgado – 4.72

Single Season Records
At Bats: Brett Chouinard – 640 (season 1)
Runs: Germany Hitchcock – 116 (season 1)
Hits: Tony Rodriguez – 195 (season 1)
Doubles: Tony Rodriguez – 41 (season 1)
Triples: Tony Rodriguez – 8 (season 1)/ Tommy Mientkiewicz – 8 (season 6)
Homeruns: Brett Chouinard – 50 (season 1)
Runs Batted In: Brett Chouinard – 167 (season 1)
Walks: Woody Ruffin – 64 (season 6)
Stolen Bases: Andy Roenicke – 71 (season 3)
Batting Average: Mike Sewell – .321 (season 6)
On-Base Percentage: Mike Sewell – .393 (season 6)
Slugging Percentage: Brett Chouinard – .555 (season 1)

Games: Vernon Cain – 76 (season 2)
Games Started: Five tied at 33
Complete Games: Edwin Saipe – 6 (season 2)
Shutouts: Michael Dickey – 3 (season 1)
Wins: Michael Dickey – 15 (season 3)/ Cesar Delgado – 15 (season 6)
Losses: Sammy Goya – 19 (season 2)
Saves: Wayne Bard – 37 (season 4)
Innings Pitched: Michael Dickey – 228.3 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Cesar Delgado – 168 (season 2)
WHIP: Eduardo Rivera – 1.21 (season 6)
Earned Run Average: Wayne Fingers – 3.77 (season 7)


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