>#17 The Gateway through the East


St. Louis Cornerstone

The Cornerstone always seems to one of the youngest teams in the division every year but that hasn’t slowed down the winning from this team. Three out of the last four years the team has won the division and making the playoffs for the last four years. The Cornerstone has become the elite team in the National League East, no matter what people say about the division.

The total percentage of wins for the Cornerstone is .501 (568 victories and 566 losses). The most wins in a single season was 94 during season four. The most losses in a season being 103 during season one.

Kk73 is entering his seventh season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 509-463 record for a .524 winning percentage. Kk73 has done a great job getting young talent in the Cornerstone organization since the begging and it has really paid off with two straight division championships.

Future Outlook: Steady

Playoff Appearance: Four
Division Championship: Three
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 4
Awards: 1 Rookie of the Year/ 1 Fireman of the Year/ 4 Silver Slugger/ 3 Gold Gloves

All St. Louis Cornerstone Team

Catcher: Juan Vazquez (.298Ave, 95HR, 317RBI, 252R, .517SLG)
First Base: Carlos Alvarez (.273Ave, 139HR, 407RBI, 344R, .503SLG)
Second Base: David Cota (.268Ave, 72HR, 315RBI, 454R, 209SB)
Third Base: Albert Glavine (.281Ave, 55HR, 258RBI, 248R, .409SLG)
Shortstop: Melvin Howard (.278Ave, 98HR, 338RBI, 349R, .487SLG)
Left Field: Jason Frazier (.261Ave, 88HR, 392RBI, 360R, .412SLG)
Center Field: Augie Boswell (.258Ave, 28HR, 211RBI, 236R, 99SB)
Right Field: Earl Williams (.279Ave, 84HR, 257RBI, 266R, .538SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Mark Barkett (3.61ERA, 92-80 Record, 1514.0IP, 1137SO, 1.21WHIP)
Reliever: Ed Jefferson (2.38ERA, 313-338 Save Chances, 364G, 248SO, 1.06WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Jason Frazier – 2911
Games Played: Jason Frazier – 901
Runs: David Cota – 454
Hits: Jason Frazier – 759
Doubles: Jason Frazier – 162
Triples: David Cota – 22
Homeruns: Carlos Alvarez – 139
Runs Batted In: Carlos Alvarez – 407
Walks: Jason Frazier – 287
Stolen Bases: David Cota – 209
Batting Average: Carlos Alvarez – .273
On-Base Percentage: Carlos Alvarez – .341
Slugging Percentage: Carlos Alvarez – .503

Games: Julio Navarro – 396
Games Started: Mark Barkett – 236
Complete Games: Mark Barkett – 9
Shutouts: Mark Barkett – 4
Wins: Mark Barkett – 92
Losses: Mark Barkett – 80
Saves: Ed Jefferson – 313
Innings Pitched: Mark Barkett – 1514.0
Strikeouts: Mark Barkett – 1137
WHIP: Mark Barkett – 1.21
Earned Run Average: Mark Barkett – 3.61

Single Season Records

At Bats: Augie Boswell – 685 (season 5)
Runs: David Cota – 125 (season 3)
Hits: David Cota – 190 (season 3)
Doubles: David Cota – 43 (season 6)
Triples: Augie Boswell – 9 (season 4)
Homeruns: Carlos Alvarez – 48 (season 6)
Run Batted In: Earl Williams – 122 (season 4)
Walks: Earl Williams – 106 (season 4)
Stolen Bases: David Cota – 73 (season 3)
Batting Average: Gabe Serafini – .323 (season 7)
On-Base Percentage: Earl Williams – .434 (season 4)
Slugging Percentage: Earl Williams – .660 (season 4)

Games: Tommy Mabry – 86 (season 6)
Games Started: Ronn Hoyt – 40 (season 6)
Complete Games: Mark Barkett – 4 (season 3)/ Ronn Hoyt – 4 (season 7)
Shutouts: Mark Barkett – 2 (season 5)
Wins: Ronn Hoyt – 19 (season 6)
Losses: Willie Hernandez – 20 (season 1)
Saves: Ed Jefferson – 49 (season 2&3)
Innings Pitched: Ronn Hoyt – 252.1 (season 7)
Strikeouts: P.T. Ramirez – 202 (season 2)
WHIP: Mark Barkett – 1.04 (season 6)
Earned Run Average: Mark Barkett – 2.93 (season 3)


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