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Arizona Sting

The Sting for there first seven seasons they have always been around the five hundred mark and winning the American League West for the first time during the sixth season. It doesn’t matter what the payroll is with the Sting, they always find a way to win and you should look for the Sting to be near the top of the division for some time to come.

The total percentage of wins for the Sting is .511 (579 victories and 555 losses). The most wins in a single season was 90 during season five. The most losses in a season being 85 during season three.

Texanboiler is entering his eighth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 579-555 record for a .511 winning percentage. Texanboiler has done a great job of turning the Sting into a contender every season, even with one of the lowest payrolls in the league every year.

Future Outlook: Contender

Playoff Appearance: Two
Division Championship: One
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 12
Awards: 1 Fireman of the Year/ 5 Silver Slugger/ 6 Gold Gloves

All Arizona Sting Team

Catcher: Will Randolph (.284Ave, 38HR, 239RBI, 251R, .354OBP)
First Base: Wilfredo Aybar (.274Ave, 134HR, 424RBI, 382R, .462SLG)
Second Base: Michael Watkins (.260Ave, 72HR, 221RBI, 191R, .460SLG)
Third Base: Malcolm Lanier (.276Ave, 172HR, 546RBI, 476R, .495SLG)
Shortstop: Jeremi Jones (.288Ave, 69HR, 341RBI, 558R, .384OBP)
Left Field: Glen Lewis (.246Ave, 95HR, 250RBI, 264R, .491SLG)
Center Field: Marvin Stark (.283Ave, 69HR, 281RBI, 282R, .429SLG)
Right Field: Jose Espinoza (.296Ave, 204HR, 663RBI, 607R, .523SLG)
Designated Hitters: Kenny Logan (.331Ave, 73HR, 299RBI, 290R, .529SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Tito Ramirez (3.62ERA, 65-53 Record, 1028.6IP, 758SO, 1.29WHIP)
Reliever: Shane Haad (3.33ERA, 240-287 Save Chances, 365G, 490SO, 1.16WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Jose Espinoza – 3815
Games Played: Jose Espinoza – 961
Runs: Jose Espinoza – 607
Hits: Jose Espinoza – 1128
Doubles: Jose Espinoza – 215
Triples: Jose Espinoza – 21
Homeruns: Jose Espinoza – 204
Runs Batted In: Jose Espinoza – 663
Walks: Jeremi Jones – 510
Stolen Bases: Max Figureoa – 54
Batting Average: Jose Espinoza – .296
On-Base Percentage: Jeremi Jones – .384
Slugging Percentage: Jose Espinoza – .523

Games: Shane Haad – 365
Games Started: Tito Ramirez – 157
Complete Games: Tito Ramirez – 18
Shutouts: Tito Ramirez – 5
Wins: Tito Ramirez – 65
Losses: Tito Ramirez – 53
Saves: Shane Haad – 240
Innings Pitched: Tito Ramirez – 1028.6
Strikeouts: Tito Ramirez – 758
WHIP: Tito Ramirez – 1.29
Earned Run Average: Tito Ramirez – 3.62

Single Season Records

At Bats: Keith Winston – 676 (season 1)
Runs: Max Figureoa – 130 (season 7)
Hits: Keith Winston – 218 (season 1)
Doubles: Jose Espinoza – 44 (season 3)
Triples: Max Figureoa – 9 (season 7)
Homeruns: Max Figureoa – 41 (season 7)
Runs Batted In: Max Figureoa – 117 (season 7)
Walks: Jeremi Jones – 94 (season 5)
Stolen Bases: Max Figureoa – 45 (season 7)
Batting Average: Kenny Logan – .366 (season 5)
On-Base Percentage: Kenny Logan – .440 (season 5)
Slugging Percentage: Jose Espinoza – .601 (season 5)

Games: Ricardo Hernandez – 79 (season 6)
Games Started: Six tied at 33
Complete Games: Ned Frazier – 11 (season 1)
Shutouts: Tito Ramirez – 3 (season 2)
Wins: Tito Ramirez – 17 (season 3)/ Brendan Wright – 17 (season 6)
Losses: Tito Ramirez – 18 (season 1)
Saves: Shane Haad – 44 (season 4)
Innings Pitched: Ned Frazier – 250.3 (season 1)
Strikeouts: Tito Ramirez – 190 (season 3)
WHIP: Tito Ramirez – 1.22 (season 3)
Earned Run Average: Tito Ramirez – 3.05 (season 5)


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