>#15 Looking for a playoff spot


Kansas City Bobcats

The Bobcats had one of the greatest offensive teams that the league has ever seen during there first four years in Santa Fe but the pitching staff was equally has bad. Then the team moved to Kansas City with a new attitude and starting there winning way again. The last three season has been really great for the team expect they just haven’t made the playoffs despite there great record during that time.

The total percentage of wins for the Bobcats is .511 (579 victories and 555 losses). The most wins in a single season was 93 during season two. The most losses in a season being 101 during season four.

Sanmoss17 is entering his fourth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 265-221 record for a .545 winning percentage. Sanmoss17 took over a team that was in deep need of some help and he quickly turned them around into a playoff contending team. Now if he can only get the Bobcats to the playoffs some time soon.

Future Outlook: Playoff Contender

Playoff Appearance: Two
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 7
Awards: 1 MVP/ 1 Rookie of the Year/ 2 Silver Sluggers/ 1 Gold Glove

All Kansas City Bobcats Team

Catcher: Guy Williams (.331Ave, 286HR, 815RBI, 680R, .650SLG)
First Base: Tony Alvarez (.298Ave, 263HR, 691RBI, 585R, .603SLG)
Second Base: Andrew Hampton (.311Ave, 37HR, 219RBI, 304R, 119SB)
Third Base: Adam Buck (.267Ave, 79HR, 447RBI, 492R, 145SB)
Shortstop: Blake Brinkley (.265Ave, 91HR, 461RBI, 439R, .400SLG)
Left Field: Benny James (.319Ave, 77HR, 383RBI, 463R, .394OBP)
Center Field: R.A. Little (.278Ave, 33HR, 243RBI, 280R, .342OBP)
Right Field: Eric Sisk (.303Ave, 372HR, 907RBI, 864R, .650SLG)
Designated Hitter: Vicente Melendez (.317Ave, 192HR, 599RBI, 596R, .387OBP)
Starting Pitcher: Martin Satou (5.13ERA, 41-32 Record, 644.1IP, 504SO, 1.43WHIP)
Reliever: Pinky Brooks (3.84ERA, 56-66 Save Chances, 73G, 46SO, 1.14WHIP)

Career Records
At Bats: Eric Sisk – 3912
Games Played: Blake Brinkley – 1022
Runs: Eric Sisk – 864
Hits: Eric Sisk – 1184
Doubles: Adam Buck – 188
Triples: Eric Sisk – 33
Homeruns: Eric Sisk – 372
Runs Batted In: Eric Sisk – 907
Walks: Eric Sisk – 404
Stolen Bases: Rickey Karl – 177
Batting Average: Guy Williams – .331
On-Base Percentage: Guy Williams – .400
Slugging Percentage: Guy Williams – .650/ Eric Sisk – .650

Games: Lon Riggs – 273
Games Started: Martin Satou – 101
Complete Games: Martin Satou – 6
Shutouts: Martin Satou – 1/ Peter Baek – 1
Wins: Martin Satou – 41
Losses: Martin Satou – 32
Saves: Lon Riggs – 63
Innings Pitched: Martin Satou – 644.1
Strikeouts: Martin Satou – 504
WHIP: None Qualified
Earned Run Average: None Qualified

Single Season Records

At Bat: Eric Sisk – 723 (season 4)
Runs: Eric Sisk – 184 (season 4)
Hits: Eric Sisk – 218 (season 4)
Doubles: William Kraemer – 43 (season 2)
Triples: Andrew Hampton – 10 (season 1)
Homeruns: Eric Sisk – 72 (season 3)
Runs Batted In: Eric Sisk – 171 (season 3)
Walks: William Kraemer – 75 (season 2)
Stolen Bases: Rickey Karl – 80 (season 6)
Batting Average: Guy Williams – .368 (season 1)
On-Base Percentage: Guy Williams – .433 (season 3)
Slugging Percentage: Eric Sisk – .718 (season 3)

Games: Moises Montero – 92 (season 1)
Games Started: Preston Wright – 36 (season 2)/ Frank Stokes – 36 (season 3)
Complete Games: Martin Satou – 4 (season 6)
Shutouts: Peter Baek – 1 (season 1)/ Martin Satou – 1 (season 7)
Wins: Martin Satou – 17 (season 6)/ Luis Barajas – 17 (season 6)
Losses: Three tied at 16
Saves: Sammy Hernandez – 29 (season 1)/ Pinky Brooks – 29 (season 7)
Innings Pitched: Martin Satou – 234.1 (season 7)
Strikeouts: Martin Satou – 186 (season 7)
WHIP: Luis Barajas – 1.31 (season 6)
Earned Run Average: Al Jordan – 3.88 (season 6)


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