>#14 When will the Groundhogs stop seeing it’s shadow?


Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs

The Groundhogs started out with three straight winning seasons and pulling off a World Series victory from the wildcard position during season three. The Groundhogs has only mustered one winning season since then and look to be in a rebuilding mode. The talent will return to the team in a couple of seasons but can they compete against the Stars when that comes.

The total percentage of wins for Grumbling Groundhogs is .496 (563 victories and 571 losses). The most wins in a single season was 88 during season two and three. The most losses in a season being 92 during season seven.

Mirky is entering his third season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 149-175 record for a .460 winning percentage. Mirky is in the beginning stages of rebuilding the Groundhogs so it could be a couple more years before the team starts to see winning seasons again.

Future Outlook: Rebuilding

Playoff Appearance: Two
Division Championship: None
World Series Victory: One
All-Stars: 9
Awards: 1 Rookie of the Year/ 1 Fireman of the Year/ 2 Silver Sluggers/ 5 Gold Gloves

All Grumbling Groundhogs Team

Catcher: Mike Sewell (.278Ave, 30HR, 145RBI, 160R, .415SLG)
First Base: Brian Kim (.306Ave, 151HR, 420RBI, 391R, .573SLG)
Second Base: Tim Rooney (.299Ave, 36HR, 182RBI, 211R, 96SB)
Third Base: Fred McNeil (.267Ave, 63HR, 221RBI, 245R, .459SLG)
Shortstop: Vinny Hunter (.265Ave, 53HR, 225RBI, 356R, 116SB)
Left Field: Jim Wilson (.282Ave, 79HR, 228RBI, 195R, .521SLG)
Center Field: Claude Marshall (.268Ave, 56HR, 311RBI, 540R, 260SB)
Right Field: P.T. Martinez (.313Ave, 110HR, 327RBI, 298R, .568SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Buzz Jones (3.11ERA, 74-37 Record, 1087.6IP, 1030SO, 1.17WHIP)
Reliever: Wally Smalley (4.06ERA, 59-71 Save Chances, 187G, 278SO, 1.32WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Claude Marshall – 3573
Games Played: Claude Marshall – 906
Runs: Claude Marshall – 540
Hits: Claude Marshall – 956
Doubles: Dario Chong – 177
Triples: Claude Marshall – 31
Homeruns: Brian Kim – 151
Runs Batted In: Brian Kim – 420
Walks: Dario Chong – 303
Stolen Bases: Claude Marshall – 260
Batting Average: Dario Chong – .274
On-Base Percentage: Dario Chong – .346
Slugging Percentage: Dario Chong – .438

Games: Chris Haney – 315
Games Started: Greg Turner – 208
Complete Games: Greg Turner – 27
Shutouts: Greg Turner – 8
Wins: Greg Turner – 81
Losses: Greg Turner – 69
Saves: Rogers Dodd – 65
Innings Pitched: Greg Turner – 1449.5
Strikeouts: Greg Turner – 1161
WHIP: Buzz Jones – 1.17
Earned Run Average: Buzz Jones – 3.11

Single Season Records

At Bats: P.T. Martinez – 643 (season 3)
Runs: P.T. Martinez – 114 (season 3)
Hits: P.T. Martinez – 211 (season 3)
Doubles: P.T. Martinez – 35 (season 3)
Triples: Claude Marshall – 10 (season 4)
Homeruns: Leon Roosevelt – 48 (season 6)
Runs Batted In: Leon Roosevelt – 137 (season 6)
Walks: Tony Armas – 85 (season 1)
Stolen Bases: Tim Rooney – 54 (season 7)
Batting Average: Tony Armas – .338 (season 1)
On-Base Percentage: Tony Armas – .436 (season 1)
Slugging Percentage: Leon Roosevelt – .677 (season 6)

Games: Chris Haney – 82 (season 1)
Games Started: Greg Turner – 40 (season 5)
Complete Games: Greg Turner – 7 (season 7)
Shutouts: Greg Turner – 4 (season 7)
Wins: Greg Turner – 19 (season 5)
Losses: Justin Potvin – 15 (season 1)
Saves: Rogers Dodd – 48 (season 1)
Innings Pitched: Greg Turner – 277.2 (season 5)
Strikeouts: Greg Turner – 231 (season 5)
WHIP: Buzz Jones – 1.08 (season 4)
Earned Run Average: Buzz Jones – 2.31 (season 4)


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