>#9 The Rebuilding Project


Minnesota Milfoils

The team started out with three straight American League North championships and won the first ever World Series as well. The team was one of the best teams during the this time but with horrible contracts and aging players, the championship caliber baseball quickly went away. The effects of the early years for the team of over spending for free agents and leaving the minor bare of any talent will really hurt this team for some time to come.

The total percentage of wins for the Milfoils is .496 (562 victories and 572 losses). The most wins in a single season were 101 during season one. The most losses in a season were 100 during season seven.

Suthsc is entering his third season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 131-193 record for a .404 winning percentage. Suthsc is really in a tough spot, as 99% of the teams problems have come from the team’s previous manager who ran the team into the ground. The fans in Minnesota have been patient so far but how long before they start to turn on Suthsc for not rebuilding this team fast enough.

Future Outlook: Rebuilding

Playoff Appearance: Three
Division Championship: Three
World Series Victory: One
All-Stars: 8
Awards: 1 AL Cy Young/ 2 AL Rookie of the Year/ 4 Silver Sluggers/ 3 Gold Gloves

All Minnesota Milfoils Team

Catcher: Don Xaio (.305Ave, 231HR, 596RBI, 503R, .638SLG)
First Base: Cookie Valdes (.288Ave, 38HR, 259RBI, 252R, .346OBP)
Second Base: Freddie Adcock (.323Ave, 137HR, 500RBI, 630R, 168SB)
Third Base: Sherry West (.250Ave, 156HR, 402RBI, 317R, .513SLG)
Shortstop: Ed Houston (.290Ave, 190HR, 602RBI, 547R, .581SLG)
Left Field: Desi Hammonds (.303Ave, 91HR, 317RBI, 278R, .555SLG)
Center Field: Dave James (.271Ave, 50HR, 259RBI, 244R, .450SLG)
Right Field: Brian Stone (.270Ave, 83HR, 295RBI, 311R, .436SLG)
Desginated Hitter: Darren Higginson (.357Ave, 214HR, 732RBI, 789R, .454OBP)
Starting Pitcher: Chad Armstrong (4.93ERA, 86-82 Record, 1453.7IP, 1137SO, 1.50WHIP)
Reliever: Moises Montero (4.46ERA, 71-80 Save Chances, 247G, 268SO, 1.44WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Darren Higginson – 3835
Games Played: Darren Higginson – 1004
Runs: Darren Higginson – 789
Hits: Darren Higginson – 1370
Doubles: Darren Higginson – 263
Triples: Freddie Adcock – 31
Homeruns: Don Xaio – 231
Runs Batted In: Darren Higginson – 732
Walks: Darren Higginson – 669
Stolen Bases: Freddie Adcock – 168
Batting Average: Darren Higginson – .357
On-Base Percentage: Darren Higginson – .454
Slugging Percentage: Don Xaio – .638

Games: Ellie Ashley – 269
Games Started: Chad Armstrong – 227
Complete Games: Chad Armstrong – 17
Shutouts: Chad Armstrong – 3
Wins: Chad Armstrong – 86
Losses: Chad Armstrong – 82
Saves: Larry Ellenwood – 94
Innings Pitched: Chad Armstrong – 1453.7
Strikeouts: Chad Armstrong – 1137
WHIP: Chad Armstrong – 1.50
Earned Run Average: Chad Armstrong – 4.93

Single Season Records

At Bats: Freddie Adcock – 667 (season 1)
Runs: Ed Houston – 172 (season 1)
Hits: Darren Higginson – 225 (season 2)
Doubles: Freddie Adcock – 58 (season 1)
Triples: Freddie Adcock – 12 (season 1)/ Del Martin – 12 (season 1)
Homeruns: Ed Houston – 72 (season 1)
Runs Batted In: Ed Houston – 207 (season 1)
Walks: Freddie Adcock – 130 (season 1)
Stolen Bases: Alfredo Mercedes – 60 (season 2)
Batting Average: Darren Higginson – .384 (season 2)
On-Base Percentage: Darren Higginson – .487 (season 1)
Slugging Percentage: Don Xaio – .726 (season 2)

Games: Ellie Ashley – 76 (season 3)
Games Started: Ralph Ewing -34 (season 7)/ Chad Armstrong – 34 (season 7)
Complete Games: Ned Frazier – 14 (season 2)
Shutouts: Ned Frazier – 2 (season 2)
Wins: Chad Armstrong – 20 (season 1)/ Ned Frazier – 20 (season 2)
Losses: Chad Armstrong – 18 (season 7)
Saves: Moises Montero – 37 (season 6)
Innings Pitched: Ned Frazier – 255 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Ned Frazier – 185 (season 2)
WHIP: Ned Frazier – 1.25 (season 2)Earned Run Average: Chad Armstrong – 3.65 (season 5)


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