>#7 Kings of the Wildcard


Cincinnati Highlanders

The Highlanders have established themselves as one of the best run franchises in the league, but they’re still known as the ‘Wildcard Highlanders’. The Highlanders have had only one losing season and five second places in the standings. Although their only division crown was in season one, that hasn’t stopped them from making the playoffs year in and year out. Consistently, the Highlanders have had 90-win seasons, but they’re also the only team in the top ten without a 100 win season.

The total percentage of wins for the Highlanders is .548 (621 victories and 513 losses). The most wins in a single season were 97 during season two. The most losses in a season were 88 during season four.

Yanksrule11 is entering his eighth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 621-513 record for a .548 winning percentage. Yanksrule11 has done a great job with this franchise which is demonstrated by winning seasons and playoff appearances year after year, despite having one of the lowest payrolls in the league. Yanksrule is also fifth in the league with 21 playoff victories against only 19 losses.

Future Outlook: Contender

Playoff Appearance: Five
Division Championship: One
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 11
Awards: 1 MVP Award/ 2 Rookies of the Year/ 2 Silver Sluggers/ 1 Gold Glove

All Cincinnati Highlanders Team

Catcher: Vic Olivares (.246Ave, 41HR, 166RBI, 173R, .312OBP)
First Base: Luis Nunez (.333Ave, 322HR, 753RBI, 635R, .719SLG)
Second Base: Daniel Diaz (.233Ave, 85HR, 187RBI, 179R, .523SLG)
Third Base: Bobby Henry (.288Ave, 175HR, 408RBI, 391R, .613SLG)
Shortstop: Cy Ryan (.271Ave, 99HR, 267RBI, 304R, .497SLG)
Left Field: Jody Fox (.289Ave, 60HR, 210RBI, 283R, .368OBP)
Center Field: Rob Carlson (.271Ave, 125HR, 460RBI, 516R, .454SLG)
Right Field: Matt Reagan (.269Ave, 203HR, 493RBI, 399R, .583SLG)
Designated Hitter: Mark Masato (.256Ave, 152HR, 338RBI, 304R, .555SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Socks Leach (4.18ERA, 59-35 Record, 806.6IP, 591SO, 1.30WHIP)
Reliever: Donne McClellan (3.24ERA, 107-137 Save Chances, 286G, 298SO, 1.17WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Rob Carlson – 3301
Games Played: Rob Carlson – 983
Runs: Luis Nunez – 635
Hits: Luis Nunez – 967
Doubles: Rob Carlson – 204
Triples: Louie Mota – 16
Homeruns: Luis Nunez – 322
Runs Batted In: Luis Nunez – 753
Walks: Luis Nunez – 363
Stolen Bases: James Martin – 312
Batting Average: Luis Nunez – .333
On-Base Percentage: Luis Nunez – .412
Slugging Percentage: Luis Nunez – .719

Games: Donne McClellan – 286
Games Started: Tracy Bowie – 164
Complete Games: Socks Leach – 15
Shutouts: Socks Leach – 5
Wins: Tracy Bowie – 67
Losses: Tracy Bowie – 51
Saves: Donne McClellan – 107
Innings Pitched: Tracy Bowie – 1046.8
Strikeouts: Tracy Bowie – 812
WHIP: Theo Martin – 1.39
Earned Run Average: Tracy Bowie – 4.35

Single Season Records

At Bats: Cy Ryan – 637 (season 4)
Runs: Luis Nunez – 133 (season 2)
Hits: Luis Nunez – 203 (season 1)
Doubles: Rob Carlson – 48 (season 4)
Triples: Louie Mota – 6 (season 5)
Homeruns: Luis Nunez – 73 (season 2)
Run Batted In: Luis Nunez – 172 (season 1)
Walks: Luis Nunez – 85 (season 3)
Stolen Bases: James Martin – 103 (season 6)
Batting Average: Luis Nunez – .353 (season 2)
On-Base Percentage: Luis Nunez – .426 (season 3)
Slugging Percentage: Luis Nunez – .793 (season 2)

Games: Donne McClellan – 82 (season 5)
Games Started: Tracy Bowie – 35 (season 6)
Complete Games: Socks Leach – 7 (season 2)
Shutouts: Socks Leach – 3 (season 1)
Wins: Gil Lefebvre – 20 (season 2)
Losses: Tracy Bowie – 16 (season 4)
Saves: Donne McClellan – 38 (season 6)
Innings Pitched: Tracy Bowie – 231.2 (season 3)
Strikeouts: Gil Lefebvre – 211 (season 1)
WHIP: Tracy Bowie – 1.22 (season 3)Earned Run Average: Tracy Bowie – 3.65 (season 3)


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