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Jackson Blazers

There isn’t much you can say about a team that is one of the three teams in the league that has never had a losing season or about the team with the second most playoff appearances or about the team with the fewest wins in a season is at 89 but the one thing you can say about the Blazers is that they can pitch. The team has a 4.01 team Earned Run Average over the last seven years, the tops in the league. For the last seven years the team has allowed only 4.34 runs per game, with does kind of numbers it’s a no-brainer as to why the Blazers have been so successful.

The total percentage of wins for the Blazers is .583 (661 victories and 473 losses). The most wins in a single season were 100 during season two. The most losses in a season were 73 during season five.

Bodean is entering his eighth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 661-473 record for a .583 winning percentage. Bodean has been one the top managers in the league during the regular season compiling the third most victories for any manager in the league. The one blimp on Bodean’s resume is the playoffs, as he is 19-22 during his six trips to the playoffs.

Future Outlook: Playoff Team

Playoff Appearance: Six
Division Championship: Three
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 10
Awards: 2 Cy Young Awards/ 1 Fireman of the Year/ 2 Silver Sluggers/ 3 Gold Gloves

All Jackson Blazers Team

Catcher: Virgil Julio (.286Ave, 126HR, 405RBI, 280R, .533SLG)
First Base: Tim Perry (.256Ave, 126HR, 423RBI, 385R, 102SB)
Second Base: Donatello Carpenter (.288Ave, 115HR, 428RBI, 634R, 173SB)
Third Base: Sven Griffin (.260Ave, 98HR, 403RBI, 362R, .436SLG)
Shortstop: Jim Howard (.280Ave, 101HR, 419RBI, 464R, 107SB)
Left Field: Chico Posada (.269Ave, 142HR, 431RBI, 380R, .515SLG)
Center Field: Norman Richard (.251Ave, 64HR, 278RBI, 309R, .401SLG)
Right Field: Tony Armas (.348Ave, 31HR, 157RBI, 181R, .446OBP)
Starting Pitcher: Bey Dillon (2.91ERA, 103-59 Record, 1469.7IP, 1100SO, 1.17WHIP)
Reliever: Kane Hines (2.23ERA, 257-278 Save Chances, 317G, 295SO, .96WHIP)

Career Records
At Bats: Donatello Carpenter – 3417
Games Played: Chico Posada – 965
Runs: Donatello Carpenter – 634
Hits: Donatello Carpenter – 983
Doubles: Donatello Carpenter – 239
Triples: Donatello Carpenter – 30
Homeruns: Chico Posada – 142
Runs Batted In: Chico Posada – 431
Walks: Donatello Carpenter – 433
Stolen Bases: Donatello Carpenter – 173
Batting Average: Pep Chang – .306
On-Base Percentage: Pep Chang – .385
Slugging Percentage: Donatello Carpenter – .476

Games: Christopher Floyd – 389
Games Started: Dan Meacham – 212
Complete Games: Bey Dillon – 34
Shutouts: Bey Dillon – 12
Wins: Bey Dillon – 103
Losses: Bey Dillon – 59
Saves: Kane Hines – 257
Innings Pitched: Bey Dillon – 1469.7
Strikeouts: Bey Dillon – 1100
WHIP: Bey Dillon – 1.17
Earned Run Average: Bey Dillon – 2.91

Single Season Records

At Bats: Tim Perry – 644 (season 7)
Runs: Tim Perry – 126 (season 6)
Hits: Pep Chang – 198 (season 6)
Doubles: Donatello Carpenter – 47 (season 2)
Triples: Donatello Carpenter – 9 (season 2)/ Rich Blue – 9 (season 2)
Homeruns: Brady Teut – 47 (season 1)
Runs Batted In: Chico Posada – 125 (season 2)
Walks: Tony Armas – 84 (season 4)
Stolen Bases: Rich Blue – 103 (season 3)
Batting Average: Tony Armas – .353 (season 4)
On-Base Percentage: Tony Armas – .454 (season 4)
Slugging Percentage: Chico Posada – .575 (season 2)

Games: Jason Barry – 91 (season 7)
Games Started: Wilt Frank 34 (season 6)
Complete Games: Mike Steinbach – 10 (season 1)
Shutouts: Bey Dillon – 3 (season 2)/ Dan Meacham – 3 (season 4)
Wins: Dan Meacham – 21 (season 4)
Losses: Wilt Frank – 14 (season 6)
Saves: Pepper Gunderson – 54 (season 7)
Innings Pitched: Bey Dillon – 254.7 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Bey Dillon – 204 (season 3)
WHIP: Mike Steinbach – 1.06 (season 1)
Earned Run Average: Bey Dillon – 1.91 (season 2)


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