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Monterrey Stars

The Stars have been on a roll the last four years. Three World Series victories, four straight division championships, three different National League, MVP’s, two different National League Cy Young award winners, 14 players named an All-Star and they have won over 105 games each year. The sad part for the rest of the league is that it doesn’t look like the Star Juggernaut is going to stop anytime soon. So, congratulation to the Monterrey Stars for being named the USMLB number one franchise during the last seven seasons.

The total percentage of wins for the Stars is .613 (695 victories and 439 losses). The most wins in a single season were 114 during season five. The most losses in a season were 85 during season three.

Goldie1973 is entering his eighth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 695-439 record for a .613 winning percentage. Goldie1973 has been the best manager since his team made it to the playoffs; winning three World Series in five trips is a great average. Goldie also has the best playoff record at 36-20 record with a .643 winning percentage.

Future Outlook: Contender

Playoff Appearance: Five
Division Championship: Four
World Series Victory: Three
All-Stars: 19
Awards: 3 MVP Awards/ 2 Cy Young Awards/ 1 Rookie of the Year/ 8 Silver Sluggers/ 2 Gold Gloves

All Monterrey Stars Team

Catcher: Ricardo Ramirez (.309Ave, 77HR, 216RBI, 283R, .511SLG)
First Base: Mike Bonds (.317Ave, 251HR, 575RBI, 514R, .699SLG)
Second Base: Brian Turner (.287Ave, 222HR, 653RBI, 734R, .501SLG)
Third Base: Bobby Henry (.301Ave, 206HR, 505RBI, 473R, .636SLG)
Shortstop: Clem Barkley (.283Ave, 124HR, 349RBI, 344R, .515SLG)
Left Field: Eric Flynn (.288Ave, 223HR, 567RBI, 480R, .612SLG)
Center Field: Rondell Lowe (.294Ave, 185HR, 457RBI, 399R, .652SLG)
Right Field: Jackson Cooper (.296Ave, 83HR, 219RBI, 233R, .596SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Brandon Ellis (3.50ERA, 78-39 Record, 1042.2IP, 763SO, 1.24WHIP)
Reliever: Jeremy Morris (3.48ERA, 82-98 Save Chances, 225G, 173SO, 1.32WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Brian Turner – 4167
Games Played: Brian Turner – 1060
Runs: Brian Turner – 734
Hits: Brian Turner – 1194
Doubles: Brian Turner – 211
Triples: Rondell Lowe – 37
Homeruns: Mike Bonds – 251
Runs Batted In: Brian Turner – 653
Walks: Brian Turner – 477
Stolen Bases: Scott Coffie – 95
Batting Average: Mike Bonds – .317
On-Base Percentage: Mike Bonds – .389
Slugging Percentage: Mike Bonds – .699

Games: Derek Ferrell – 278
Games Started: Brandon Ellis – 183
Complete Games: Gil Henson – 12
Shutouts: Gil Henson – 3
Wins: Brandon Ellis – 78
Losses: Brandon Ellis – 39
Saves: Jeremy Morris – 82
Innings Pitched: Brandon Ellis – 1042.2
Strikeouts: Brandon Ellis – 763
WHIP: Brandon Ellis – 1.24
Earned Run Average: Brandon Ellis – 3.50

Single Season Records

At Bats: Scott Coffie – 697 (Season 3)
Runs: Mike Bonds – 157 (Season 6)
Hits: Bobby Henry – 236 (Season 6)
Doubles: Bobby Henry – 45 (Season 6)
Triples: Rondell Lowe – 12 (Season 6)
Homeruns: Mike Bonds – 83 (Season 7)
RBI: Mike Bonds – 182 (Season 6)
Walks: Brian Turner – 92 (Season 5)
Stolen Bases: Walt Lohse – 57 (Season 3)
Batting Average: Bobby Henry – .356 (Season 6)
On-Base Percentage: Mike Sewell – .438 (Season 1)
Slugging Percentage: Mike Bonds – .787 (Season 7)

Games: Nicholas Fox – 89 (Season 2)
Games Started: Six tied at 33
Complete Games: Gil Henson – 6 (Season 6)
Shutouts: Gil Henson – 2 (Season 6)
Wins: Carmine Taft – 24 (season 6)
Loses: Shane Tatum – 15 (Season 1/ Abdullah Hernandez – 15 (Season 3)
Saves: Lyle Taft – 38 (Season 3)/ Wesley Buckley – 38 (Season 1)
Innings Pitched: Gil Henson – 236.2 (Season 6)
Strikeouts: Wilson Fisher – 218 (Season 7)
Earned Run Average: Wilson Fisher – 2.95 (Season 7)
WHIP: Wilson Fisher – 1.11 (Season 7)


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