>5/6 Show

>This show was supposed to highlight the USMLB league and their great blogger tomjames. While I did get to playoff news in that league and also the final power rankings in tomjames blog, I could not get in depth on what each of the point ratings meant.

I could only assume that they had to do with the rankings in each of the major categories – pitching, fielding, hitting with park adjustments and difficulty within the division. Only a computer would have a fighting chance and its rumored that tomjames is one.

I got to the playoff scores of the MLB & CAPB also.

I spent the rest of the show ranting about different things, trying to hype the leagues, my station, tomjames and my blogs. RIP Ernie Harwell – passed away on the 4th. (Voice of the Tigers)

Once again the band of the week – Portugese Pschyedelic Surf Rock Band – the Flowerheads. This time I loaded a different track – thanks to them for their work and free music. Please click on their links on my show page.

I fielded the why do you want to impeach Obama questions from the chat room and of course pointed them to infowars.com, freedomizer & NFormD @ blogtalkradio.com. LoL.

My upcoming shows will always include the band of the week. That will be followed by up to date scores and highlights from each leagues games. (Like the news)

In between I will announce any openings in favored leagues that are recruiting. League or site news.

I will always include the up to the date whatifsports scores & highlights but will also try to keep different stories either real or fantasy for the 2nd half of the show.

Ideas and suggestions always welcome. Feel free to hurl insults and ask off the wall questions about other things. Im all ears and all seeing eyed – at least on this blog.

Thanks for listening and reading if you do. My main purpose is to entertain and Im inspired to improve.

I understand the voice it hoarse. Part is due to sinuses, but they’re clearing up. I won’t mention the Marlboros. Ooops just did. Anyways I have experience in communications, sales, and market research. I know how Im supposed to sound but its surprisingly harder than it looks. haha. I’ll get it done – have no fear. If not I’ll end up bailing on it. I don’t have the same tolerance for mediocrity here as I do in HBD.

So my goal is to speak in a voice you can understand and tolerate while attempting to keep my rabid HBD fan base up to date on scores and highlights.

I will fill the in between time with sports stories of all types. It will range from the whatifsports games to roto/fantasy news, and of course real baseball. This will include current and historic news or stories.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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