>A new path

>Hello hardballers and truth seekers. I started out being a listener on this site as I’ve explained in earlier posts. My Idea was to enhance the realism of this hardball dynasty game we all play on whatifsports – at least for my leagues. I thought that there would be enough demand to fill a show and I was right.

Only thing is I participate on a truth site as a listener and have made friends there. I’ve been offered to have a listener share in the cost of premium programming so Im going to take it. How far we’ll go is as wide open as the future always is. Maybe we fail, maybe we have a lot of fun with it. As my Aussie friend and soon to be co-host “wooly” says, no pressure, just lets have fun with it.

No easier way to have fun than to have the first hour of the show dedicated to Hardball Dynasty and Whatifsports news. That is what I will do. So if you listen for that – you get hour 1. Wooly & I or Wooly solo will do the 2nd hour and this will deal with politics and open phones. I mean this is tentatively. I haven’t got all the details worked out.

So we’re walking a new path on the show and it’ll start in the near future. knuckbones Radio Whatifsports coverage will be the first half and open phones/politics 2nd half of the 2 hours show. That way its fair to the people who came their from the site and expect to hear about their leagues. My apologies for the last couple of shows in that regard.

Im excited about the new partnership with my Aussie brother in freedom – Wooly. It’ll be great to hear from a guy who already knows what our future looks like, because hes lives it down there everyday.

So my listeners and blog readers, I haven’t abandoned you HBD’ers, just a bump in the road and its a good thing. Maybe I expand to 4 hours at some point. I was “retired” sitting around doing nothing so I’m happy to have the opportunity. I’ll have your HBD news M-F, an hour dedicated to YOU.

If the show goes to 2 hours 50/50 fake sports/politics. If it goes to 4 then that will be determined then. Thanks again all for listening whenever you do.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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