>5/22 knucklebones Radio

>Hi to those of you that read this. There isn’t many if any at all but I keep typing these posts anyway.

Fortunately the station is doing well. Things are going completely different than I had planned. NFormDradio.com has taken the Wooly & Larry show under its wing and we’ve stepped up quite a notch.

I am a rookie to radio and so is Wooly. Im talking three weeks here. Of course it sounds like it at times also. Im still finding my radio voice and trying to have fun with the HBD show. The cause behind Wooly & Larrys News and the NFormD site takes precedence for me. We’re not on the show yet but I have an agreement with the man in charge and Im looking forward to it. So is Wooly. I guess we only wish the subject matter was different. I’d much rather talk about something else.

To you listeners a lot will be the same. You can still access the same player(s) that you use for the show, wether it be on a blog or on the show page itself. The only difference is I’ll be doing their Ads and they will run one of ours on the other guys shows. Its great to be together with others for a common cause that I know is right.

Been a rough ride in my life to get to this point. Im glad I was able to put things together enough to do a show like this and for the best cause imaginable. That cause is in a nutshell: Free Will for each and every individual as God himself would give you. I have no choice but to fight for this cause. My weapon is spreading the word against the New World Order. Ok I said it.

Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way I will finish up this post by saying that Hardball Dynasty coverage will continue as always. Although I dont have a ton of fans, I know the ones I have really have fun with the show. That is what counts.

Doing the show for HBD makes it so I can sleep and rest up for the research I have to do for the other one. If I didn’t have HBD to get away from the real world, I’d be a nut case. I probably still am but that is another story. So look forward to more HBD with tomjames and whoever else steps up to participate.

We (tomjames-USMLB) have thrown a contest on the air about getting people in the chat room.
We will pick a day, probably a Saturday as that was when I had the most live listeners.

The idea is to get at least 25 into the chat room at once so that it actually happens one time. Breaking the ice that its no big deal is a big step. This will improve the content and usefullness of the show.(having handfuls in the chatroom during live shows)

So we pick a day to give away the 5$ each from tom and I – 10$ to the first person in the chat room to answer a baseball related or WiS related question correctly. If 2 people show up then them 2 can fight it out for the prize. Granted 10$GC is not much but its a start to add to the fun. Spread the Word. The target date is 3 saturday or 4th saturday in June 2010. So to the one or two people that read this, that means you. Spread the word about this conest and get people familiar with the chat room.

So to make it clear. A Contest will be held during a live show on a saturday (3rd or 4th) in June. The winner will be chosen amongst those present in the chat room. They will be asked a question related to baseball or Whatifsports. First one who types the correct answer in the chat wins. We will be using my knucklebones Radio chat. Right at this time it can only be accessed here on my blog or USMLBs blog. I will update more as people add it. On with the Show!!


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Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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