>The future of knucklebones Radio

>After a month of “practice” the knucklebones Radio station goes live. Im hoping with a step up in functionality and more exposure the show can step it up a notch. Wooly always does his homework for our show. I will have to put more effort into the stories for that program now that we have 2 hour shows on tap. Wooly has tons to draw from his youtube days and I certainly have strong opinions and life experience with the illuminati/freemasons topics we discuss.

As said many times before Woolys interests lie in disappearing and surviving the onslaught that may come. I have higher hopes for the future and hope we’re wrong. My lifes experience tells me otherwise due to my own personal experience from the mouths of the enemy.

I will not elaborate but anyone who has heard me go on a “rant” know I have passion against the New World Order and their plans. They are arrogant and probably thought I wouldn’t survive this long. Maybe they’re so arrogant they like to provide a reminder of the damage they can do. If you met me in person, you’d see what I mean. Online and in pictures Im like everyone else, in person I can tell another story. Looks can certainly be decieving. You really wouldn’t know a thing by seeing me, we’d have to sit down and talk.

Regardless, this “movement” is my life. There is nothing else more important to me than waking people up to the evil that goes on behind the scenes. There is nothing more important to me than to “fight” for the future of our children. By fight, I mean inform, to help prepare, and to help survive. By no means do I mean anything of a violent nature.

Im all about protecting the freewill of all individuals. This is what the New World Order intends to take away. They use the weak and the evil as their minions. The group we are focused on is very small, but some people are greedy/evil or weak and easily led. That is where the danger lies. Information and passing it on is POWER to the people and “our” best defense.

I promote the orginal ideas of the Tea Party, the constitution and the Bill of Rights. This would not be the bastardized version commandeered by Palin and the Republicans. The true Tea Party are the conservative center in my eyes. Im done with the choice of Blue or Red. We need people in office that will fight for the common person without screwing us or without having another agenda.

I love Alex Jones/infowars.com, Mark Dice, The Love Police, Luke Rudowski, Jason Bermas, Gerald Celente, Aaron Russo(RIP), Freedomizer Radio, NFormDradio.com and if you recognize these people and sites then you know where Im coming from. All can be found on facebook and they all have their own sites also.

Im looking forward to creating a better show day by day as I hope someday for things to be better.I hope that after 40 something years I have found a little niche in life. I certainly have time and the motivation. I along with the many allies I have made should be able to conjure up an informative and entertaining online radio show.

To my HBD listeners I will expand to 2 hour shows. Right now I have a group of 3 willing to particapate on the air and with their blogs. That would be tomjames of USMLB and btkantz of Long Haul R Us league and of course me. The show can only get better and after a month of doing it I think it has already. I’ve got a pretty good system down and just fly through the 1 hour shows.

We have the start of premium 2 hour shows, new co-hosts, and a contest in June for HBD listeners. We look forward to bringing you the most entertaining HBD news that exists. As if there is anywhere else to get it. haha. I assume that sooner or later some other guys will try to have a WiS show on their own and thats ok. Im not about me me me. I welcome any of you to try your own or be on my show anytime you’d like to.

Any of the readers of my blog feel free to throw a message in the chat that is there. I will see what you wrote and Im in there pretty often. You dont have to sign up for anything and you can stay annyonimous if you like. If you have OTHER news or a business you’d like to promote on my show, let me know. Im open to different topics if I believe its helpful to people in some way. As I’ve been saying, I will continue to give you all 100% of my effort to make a great show. Thanks for reading and listening!


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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