>Future upcoming Hardball Dynasty News

>Firstly tomjames has commited to Friday nights 9-10pm pacific for USMLB power hours. Hes been here at knucklebonesRadio from the beginning and we now welcome him to the show for that segment. That will be USMLB related news only.

Long Haul R Us fans are spoiled by the blogging of both tomjames (if given a chance) and btkantz. We’d love to have btkantz on kRadio for his own segment. As of now he has assumed a “peter gammons” type role that tomjames had before him. He’ll be doing the LHRU news when he can or wants to. Otherwise I will cover the league. We’ll make sure you LHRU guys are taken care of.

Pete Rose league is recruiting and trying to fill 2 spots but doing it at a slower pace due to some issues. delhibengal – pronounced delHIGHbengal for del high school not delhi like new delhi India as I first thought. Learn something new each day. 🙂

MLB – now Erffdog Memorial League has the blogging of firesign34 to draw from. Always creative work from him and I’ll be putting that on air along with my normal game highlights.

Soxfan121 thought it’d be a good idea to do a erffdogg dedication radio show at some point in the near future. Im certainly up for people sharing their experiences with erffdogg on a show specifically in his honor. I plan on seeing how much interest there is in that when the new forums come up.

CAPB – randallball had mentioned he may do some blog material for the 10 season mark in that league. We look forward to that. tomjames mentioned that he still had access to the blog and will post their power rankings and I will also put them on air. So CAPB’ers can look forward to the great tomjames power rankings and maybe logos too!! Stay tuned.

OCD has some random work that rod33 does and we will air it as it is posted. I will cover all other OCD stuff as I am able. tomjames always is good for doing power rankings on the leagues we cover at knucklebonesRadio so OCD’ers can expect more of those.

Im re-doing my “HBD for dummies” show theme again soon. Its one of my more popular podcasts and people have said they liked it or could use it. I will do a new and improved 2 hour version in the near future.

I had wanted to use the knucklebonesRadio chat room exclusively during the show but I will use both or just the btr. If Im going to drop one for a show it’ll be the knucklebonesRadio one rather than btr from now on. This is an attempt to draw people to btr and also to draw btr people to WiS.

Please get an ID and check out btr chatroom on my showpage during the live shows. I think it will help with getting new people into the game and help promote the show a little. Thanks in advance if you can help me out. I will do my very best to run both of the chats, but the show runs better and its better all around if I use blogtalkradios (btr)

Anyways thank you all for listening and reading. The show isn’t wildly popular but it IS gaining in popularity. Always open to adding HBD’ers to my lineup or of course you can do your own shows. Will cover new leagues wether I play in them or not! Just give me a sitemail on Whatifsports.com @knucklebones.

Surviving the New World Order with Wooly & knucklebones is pretty popular thanks to Wooly and his gang of Aussies. We truly appreciate our Aussie listeners, thank you.

For those not familiar Wooly runs his own site: survivaltube.ning.com – be sure to check that out sometime.

Thats all my blogging and news for now. Thanks for being part of the knucklebones Radio show in whatever capacity you do.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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