>Surviving the New World Order with Wooly & knucklebones 6/8/2010

>Well the show with Wooly went crazy as usual. If we could get from one end to the other, it’d probably have a lot of impact. As it stands we have to contend with some hackers, trolls, and terrible skype and/or Blogtalkradio connections. We do what we can. When a show this small gets this kind of distortion at a seemingly slow hour on the site, then you just have to wonder. It seems to me people want to make it as hard as possible to get the truth out. Regardless, this is a list of links Wooly ran on the show this evening:





Wooly was in a rare mood and on a roll. If only the site and connection were as tuned in as he was. We did the best we can as we always do and Wooly was super informative as usual. We hope for better days on the site or knucklebones Radio will be off the air before it ever got started.

We of course appreciate the dedicated Wooly listeners and survivaltube.ning.com site members. I know we catch a few stragglers and I hope one of these days we can do a whole show without interuption. It’d be a nice break from the norm.

Well Im not a quitter and the harder things get the harder Im going to try to get the word out however I can. Before I got on the radio I intended to distribute flyers for Alex Jones. It was in my mind anyway. This is a way I can add my own personal passion for truth and freedom so Im not going to give up on it easily.

Check out Woolys links and keep listening. If nothing else you’ll get some informative links to check out. I know Wooly puts a lot of time and effort into finding them.

I put a lot of effort into juggling two distintively different shows on my station. I have intense passion for both. I will never give up on dreaming, even in the middle of this nightmare world we seem to live in. See you all the next time in print or on the air.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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