>Game of the Day

>Game of the Night: San Jose 3 – Salem 2

Do you know the way to San Jose: A fine pitcher’s duel went on out west, where it should be a normal occurrence this season. Unfortunately for Cam Mann and Aaron Hernandez, the great pitching performances left them with a no decision as the game went into extra innings.. Mann held a perfect game into the seventh inning until Jose Gonzalez rudely ended that with a blast of the right-centerfield wall. Mann finished the game with 7 innings pitched, 1 run, 1 hit, 0 walks and 9 strikeouts.

Sisk to the rescue: It sure didn’t take long for Eric Sisk to show the fans in San Jose why he was signed during the off-season. With a one-out in the bottom of the 14th, he crushed the ball over Pablo Lee’s head, bringing in the runs and enjoying a nice shave cream shower as he headed into the dugout.

Missed Chances: All night Salem had there chances to blow the game wide open leaving 26 runners on base. By the end of the Fifth inning, Salem had 4 hits and 5 walks but only one run to show for it. Nick Dunn had an adventurous 14th inning featuring a 2 walks, a passed ball, only one strikeouts and the game winning hit to Sisk.

Team also playing

Philadelphia 1 – New Britain 0: A first inning run by Philadelphia was all it took. Aaron Hodges had to leave the game early, injury unknown at this time.

New York 7 – Iowa City 4: Shane Clayton imploded giving up a homerun, 2 singles and for good measure hitting a batter, but to be fare to him an error extended the inning giving New York a chance to take the game to extra innings. Tito Nakamura, the younger brother of Mac Nakamura losing the game, in his first major league game, giving up 2 runs, 2 hits and getting a strike out. Unknown if Mac will claim him as is brother after that performance or not.

Portland 8 – Anaheim 6: Anaheim is in trouble already as Rodrigo Romero blew another save for the team. After blowing 13 saves last season the team expected this could be a turn around year for him but giving up 2 runs in a third of an inning is not the turn around the team was hoping for. Santiago Mesa could be the final nail in the coffin of Romero closing again this season after Mesa crushed a homerun of him.

Florida 4 – Charleston 0: The game boiled down to this, 41 men left of base combined for both teams. I guess the runners where afraid of home plate during the game.

Scranton 8 – Burlington 3: The destruction of Burlington is still underway, Rachel Phelps should be buying the team any minute now and moving them to Miami at the end of the year.

Cleveland 10 – Dover 5: Harley Ray had the game of his life belting two homeruns. After the game when asked why it took so long for him to make the majors, he responded that his only goal was to be the Minor League Homerun Champ. Living the dream people, living the dream.

Durham 8 – Kansas City 0: Wilson Fisher welcome to the American League. That’s all we need to say about that.


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