>Game of the Day 6-10-10

>Game of the Night: Anaheim 3 – Portland 2 (10)

Winning Ways: It was the first victory of the season for the Beefpound; it only took two games and 1 extra inning for this to happen. How long can the team keep this up? Can they keep rolling right on through until the All-Star break? Is there a danger in peaking too early? Will rhetorical questions ever not be slightly pretentious?
Marquee Matchup: This game was bound to be good from the start with Ray Cochrane for Portland and Herbert Brandt for the Beefpound. Believe it or not it was a really good game for both pitchers only giving up three runs and six hits between the two. Rodrigo Romero pitched again and once again it was an adventure with three walks but you pulled through without letting in a run.

Gene DeJean Who?: That’s right Gene DeJean. He hit a bloop double in the bottom of the 10th inning bringing home the winning run. Now say this five times fast: Gene DeJean hitting the game winning run. Not as easy as it looks.

They Also Played:

Cincinnati 11 – Boston 6: Oh look at that, Quilvio Hernandez had the game of his life. He went 3-5, 2 homeruns and 8 RBI’s. Let me say that again 8 RBI’s. He hit a two-run homerun and a grand slam. You can figure out the rest.

Iowa City 7 – New York 0: Show of hands who found the result of this game surprising? Now tell me if any thought Josias Santiago was capable of hitting two homeruns in a game?

Louisville 5 – Jacksonville 4(11): Not the start Jacksonville was hoping for. Nice job by Bobby Henry for smacking a game winning home run in the top of the 11th inning. Will we see him in the Hall of Fame?

Vancouver 7 – Arizona 5: Four runs in the last two innings for Arizona but it to little to late to pull out the victory. F.P. Frank had the best game of his young career, getting four hits.

Philadelphia 4 – New Britain 2: This probably isn’t how the team from New Britain drew this one up. Losing two straight games to Philadelphia can’t sit well with the team. Can’t see New Britain losing three straight to Philadelphia can you?

Charleston 5 – Florida 3: Things got happy in the Charleston, winning there first game of the season. Now if they can figure out how the drive home the runners there leaving on base, things would look better.

Durham 9 – Kansas City 5: Word to Bo Bennett. As a closer your job is to save the game, not let the other team win.

Ottawa 8 – Minnesota 5: The Rangers pulled away with a four-run first inning and never looked back. It’s going to be another long summer in Minnesota, but at least it’s not winter.

Cleveland 3 – Dover 1: Let’s be honest, you guys mocked me when I said Cleveland will make the playoffs didn’t you.?

Monterrey 6 – Jackson 5: Another game against a divisional rival and another win for the Stars. They should rename the division to the National League Stars.

Scranton 8 – Burlington 4: I think Scranton could have sent there Triple-A and still won against Burlington.

Columbus 8 – St. Louis 5 (10): I really don’t know how to say this without hurting your feelings but Harold Smith, YOUR DONE. HANG THEM UP. Oh and Cristobal Trajano had a perfect 4-4 night.

San Jose 7 – Salem 3: Buzz Jones gets his first victory of the season. It’s still too early to start talking about the Cy Young for though.

Tacoma 1 – Oklahoma City 0: Tacoma winning a game 1-0. Don’t think will see that again this season.

Milwaukee 9 – Chicago 0: Danny Harding the early favorite for the MVP? I think so.


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