>Short and Sweet

>I feel like I made a friend in Wooly and he has my complete support in his new show. He was pretty popular on youtube and now he is establishing himself in radio. I started out doing this as a hobby and it still is.

Where will it go? Well, if I ever get everything to work and rise above the technichal problems I think it will be fine. I know the whatifsports/hardball dynasty stuff will go as it is. A slow trickle. If I keep at it, that part of the station should grow after awhile. Im pretty conifident in that.

The whole reason I came to the site was to listen, not to host. I found that I could do a free show and took a chance. From listening to myself I know I don’t have the best radio voice and don’t always find the words Im looking for. I have confidence in the knowledge I do have and the passion of the things I care about. I think its a winning combo.

As much as I hate to say it, none of my alliances have worked out on BTR. Started out with freedomizer and NFormD, I was supposed to merge up with NFormD and be on their station. I’ve been a guest once. Im sure they’d have me again if I wanted to kick it on the round table.

Freedomizer??? Well they booted me once from the show. It may have to do with my off hand mentioning something about unauthorized music, it may have been an “accident”. Either way it wasn’t the same after that day. No one needs to say anything. Some people with high IQs like to infer things and some others with the same catch on.

I dont hate either show and Im not pulling my links for them or infowars. I believe in what we talk about. I have no idea who really believes it and who is riding the wave Alex Jones started. Some seem passionate, some seem like it may be a way to rake in some cash. I certainly don’t blame anyone for that, we all could use some extra money. If I could, I’d do it. Its a reward for the work that goes into it. Get popular=make money and deservedly so.

All that being said, Ill be sad to lose Wooly. Hes one cool Aussie who knows his survival stuff. Certainly there is no future for me in radio as far as fake sports go, just not enough interest and I dont have topnotch equipment. Im going to keep at it.

One thing I can do is talk. Im still going to have random knucklebones radio programs talking about whatever I want. Lots of successful hosts do it. Doesn’t mean Im going to be one, but it also doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. We’ll “see” you on the Radio. Listen to knucklebones Radio. Be on the cutting edge!! Besides ol’ knuckle is flying solo now.


About Knucklebones Radio

Alternative News, History, Music, & Interviews on podcast. Every now and then I blog too. Conspiracy and Theories. Interviews about the topics with those that have material concerning it. Independent Artists and Politics.
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