>No really, I mean it this time.

>Yeah I know a few of you hardballers came to listen yesterday and were disappointed no hardball dynasty news. I can tell you that I’ve been on here 40 something days straight or thereabouts and that I sometimes just do my own thing. As I said on the show last night I will make sure to update the podcast description before and after the show. If it says random or anything other than hardball dynasty news then it is.

I know a lot of people want to try it out and some even have a little experience or maybe even a lot. The difference is that you dont just come on and host unless you are able to talk about nothing or anything for a couple hours. Theres no script. Its all live. Another thing that hits you is maybe only the owner of the games/teams you’re talking about will care.

Everytime I do a show I think about that. Everyone one of us who likes baseball like the same 30 teams in real life. In HBD we have more than one league we play in and teams we root for, but we’re the only ones other than our wives/girlfriends/buddies who care. Im trying to fix this as we go along, but its a work in progress. If you guys keep listening (you do!!) on podcast mostly, Ill keep doing your league news until I find a better way to do it. It will be whatifsports on your show with the occasional plug (commercial?) for my freinds or people I listen to.

I of course will do my random this or that, but if it says a certain league of hardball dynasty you can count on it being what you hear. I also want to get to the Hardball for Dolts theme. That is something I can do everyday as part of the show. Im going to get started on some stuff today. TomJames will be on to host an open show after that. So you get me from 8-9 and TomJames from 9-10. In between monday and friday its all me for 2 hours and Ill schedule and edit descriptions as I go. For now I think half HBD for Dolts and half league news until I finish the player guide.

I ended up getting on a roll and did my normal nightime show without Wooly. I talked about random subjects (what I do best) and taking some callers. The show got steered toward some religion/spiritual topics and that is ok. These seem like important things to hammer out on a talk radio show so I went for it.

I was also surprised to see Wooly in the chat room and he also called in to do a little news. It was good to “see” the guy again and he’s welcome to give his Aussie perspective anytime. Glad to have him when he wants to be my New World Order Peter Gammons.

I seem to get a lot of guys who just want to come on here and there with no schedule. Im ok with that. If Im on air and you have something interesting to add then Im all for it. Its talk radio, lets talk it out! I guess thats it for my blog today. I have fun with the radio and I really love doing it.

I will keep going even if the HBD news is a total fail. Right now it isn’t, but I can see there being problems if I dont adjust to the fact most only want to hear about their own teams and leagues. Im working everyday to make it somewhat entertaining for all the HBD listeners. Thanks.


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